"Greta Thunberg exposes her entire cartel on Twitter"


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@teslanaut @iso meanwhile
@[email protected] she was what, 15 when she said that? When people shared it for her?

This @[email protected] seems to concern himself with the social network of ...some 15 year old girl.

@jeffcliff Are you talking about the "How Dare You" quote? Greta is 18 now. Though, was it her parents that put her up to that spotlight or was it her choice?

@teslanaut who cares?

She's 18 now but when she said that she wasn't.

So what if her parents put her up to something? You're still paying attention to the actions of a kid

@teslanaut @iso when I google this story the list is populated with the story rather than a spin, which indicates they're letting her go down

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