@teslanaut Hope you don't mind me cleaning these up. I thought these were good except for the channel delay issues, and worth fixing. :)

@Jradical Thank you! As I was watching it, I was wondering why both channels sounded so different. Did you just take the Left? That one sounded normal compared to the Right

@teslanaut The right channel was a mic in the back of the room or something, so it was delayed a bit. I lined the channels back up, and then I did a L/R channel mix average. On hyuck hyuck, the cheering was only noticeable on the right channel, so I knocked the volume down a bit to pull it out of the mix before the average.

@Jradical Are you using Audacity? I'm wondering if I should just extract or only record the audio for the ISOs but I think having the video also is fun to watch

I've just been recording parts of the stream with OBS, trimming with Shotcut if needed, then upload. Usually the sound is good. Usually. Biden side has a lot of honking.

@teslanaut CoolEdit 2000, it's essentially Audacity, but I'm set in my ways. I do have to use Audacity to export out a WAV or mp3 for the video files initally.

The video is good to watch, I would just keep doing what you're doing.

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