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To everyone who can see this, please have a look at this Twitter thread. How is China handling the Coronavirus? Let's have a little look behind the Red Silk Curtain of the Chinese Communist Party.

How far can it go. A few of these videos may be hard to watch. No gore or anything but it shows you how scary the state can be. Download all the videos in this thread. Show it to your friends. Anyone.

Show them how far things can go "for your health".

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Remember the time when Anthony Fauci was talking about the Gain of Function research that he & NIH totally didn't talk about or fund?


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Now Frances Haugen, "Facebook Whistleblower" now testifying in UK parliament. Must be part of the remaster to the Neu Facebook. Interesting it's RT that first shows up about it. Guardian has a Livestream going on too.

This is the 3rd testimony, that I've heard of.

Anyone have the tweet from the woman who was shot by Alec?

Fellow Slave, are you experiencing Toxic Positivity? Well, chances are, you might be. But look on the bright side! Here's a video to help you find out, from our dear friends at the World Economic Forum.

Ahhh yes. Biden didn't make a white supreme hand symbol. Not at all! Biden isn't racist!

You will own noting and you will be happy. And you will be vaccinated. You will be safe. And you will save others.

Build Back Better.


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Ok this Inside Job show is actually pretty fun to watch. Trying to find all the hidden little symbols & stuff sprinkled into the show. Especially fun as a No Agender. You can kind of tell that this show has lots of moments that could be clipped as memes to send each other. Smart of them to do and they do it pretty well.

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It's almost Spooky Time! 8 days away till the spooky spectacular time!

Is Netflix making fun of conspiracy theorists or...

God I wish he was still alive today to just destroy Biden, comedically.

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Bidens town hall from last night. This is gonna be fuunnnn to watch

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I do not like your mental haze,
I do not like your leftist ways,
I do not like your son on blow,
I do not like you Mr Joe.

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