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Walking around a bit after work last night to go see some friends, this pandemic is over. I'm pretty sure it has been since like, last August. Lots of people drinking & eating outside in large groups close together, everyone's fine. No one seemed to even think about it or have it on their mind. When I ran into some old friends, some were more concerned about masking up to "protect" me or not be rude but I said it was OK and all was normal. There were even a few double maskers, with them down.

Interesting thing about the Chauvin trial, I don't think I've heard any mention of Chauvin's social media. Floyd's social media stuff pops up sometimes in the news, like him Liking something on FaceBook and that makes him a good person somehow.

I noticed this site when I checked out the BlackFuturesLab website again, the one created by a BLM Co-Founder with ties to "Socialist Chinese Organizations" (CCP). The "Electoral Center" section of the site uses "" for voter information, which lead me to Phone2Action. Kind of a fun & interesting rabbit hole. I wonder if it's going to be fired up again for 2022. Or is it already in progress?

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"Create. Control. Track. Work."

Doesn't that just sound so deliciously Authoritarian? This whole website is like "Revolution in a Box". And they also involved in Government. For Government, they are "Easy. Targeted. Efficient. Measured.". Doesn't that just sound like Military Industrial Complex porn? And the website having that shade of Blue with "Have the power. Win." It's kinda rubbing it in your face.

One of their "integration partners" is... well... MailChimp.

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The Florensic Pathologist lady the State got is a frickin Lefty shill & not hiding it at all. She's 100% biased. I don't know why the Defense or the Judge is allowing her to be a witness. Though I do notice that the Defense is kind of beating her by being using facts & truth to try to get her to admit that it wasn't the Knee that killed Floyd. She's trying very hard to deflect from the truth. Even downplaying the amount of meth & fentanyl even though the EVIDENCE says it was 3x the lethal dose.

Are these Male or Female cannabis plants? Do I have one of each?

Home Jarden holding up well. My home smells funky sometimes during parts of the day.

So this Board Certified pathologist also licensed to work in like 4 other States in the Union, uses an example of a hip fracture death she had to perform an autopsy for. Now listen to her example & think of Covid-19. I think it was a mistake to call her up because to me, she just explained that the Covid-19 death count in the US is way overblown, even though she's talking about a Hip Fracture.

A person didn't die of the hip fracture in her example, just like many aren't dying of Covid-19.

Finally being back in the working world is goin pretty smoothly. And everyone seems chill about the vaccine stuff. People have been telling me they're vaccinated in a very reassuring way, like they know it's safe for them to touch me even though I don't think about that at all, and so far no one's asked. Which I like. Just do work & be nice. Especially to the Kitchen. I gotta learn more Spanish. I want to understand what & how they think about stuff going on now. Maybe it'll help somehow.

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Timcast IRL - Biden Publicly DENIES Constitutional Rights To Push Gun Control

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The Biden Regime is now targeting gun manufacturers. Talking about taking away their immunity from Congress & allowing them to be sued. Aren't there a lot of smaller & independent gun manufacturers too? Biden also brings up the Tobacco company with the whole not being able to be sued thing.

But he doesn't bring up the Pharmaceutical companies. Interesting that.

If we take away ALL your guns, we can save $280 Billion, let me say that again, $280,000,000,000.


You know how some people to tell you to look out for red flags? 🇨🇳

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