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To everyone who can see this, please have a look at this Twitter thread. How is China handling the Coronavirus? Let's have a little look behind the Red Silk Curtain of the Chinese Communist Party.

How far can it go. A few of these videos may be hard to watch. No gore or anything but it shows you how scary the state can be. Download all the videos in this thread. Show it to your friends. Anyone.

Show them how far things can go "for your health".

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Remember the time when Anthony Fauci was talking about the Gain of Function research that he & NIH totally didn't talk about or fund?


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Lol the Lawyer that's prosecuting Alex Jones basically does an ad read FOR Infowars & Alex's products in the trial. I hope he uses that as an ad for real

Possible MonkeyPox super spreader event at the White House. Of course, there'll definitely be some spreading going around. And it's not for social distancing, since the Pandemic is over, officially.

Wait, when did Trump drop a nuke on Afghanistan? That's what this Talib commander seems to think. He sounds more favorable to Biden but unfavorable to Trump, even though it was Trump who made the deal with the Taliban.

Anyone interested in Taliban collectibles/memerobelia from Talibanistan?

From a visit to Taliban occupied Afghanistan. Apparently open to tourism!

Trip to Talibanistan:

Memerobelia :

Oh a new Podcast to listen from. They say they're from Langley Virginia & they talk about their work & Hollywood. Should be pretty interesting. Wonder if they are V4V too.

Check it out! 👇

Another Omnicom strain is out! Make sure you get that software update to your anti-virus boosters so you'll be protected! Isn't it a good thing we got anti-virus vaccines that use the same model as anti-virus software? Thank you Bill!

Ukraine wants Piss. Everyone wants Piss. Piss everywhere. Piss for everyone. Piss piss piss.

Someone seems angry. This was painted on the building next to the one I live in

MK Ultra, the Movie.

"Set during the true and unconscionable Central Intelligence Agency MK ULTRA drug experimentations in the early 1960s, MIDNIGHT CLIMAX follows the journey of Ford Strauss, a brilliant psychiatrist, whose moral and scientific boundaries are pushed to the limit as he is recruited to run a subsect of the program in a rural Mississippi Mental Hospital."

Would you look at that. A commercial for Myocarditis. Wonder why they'd need that.

So my dad is still alive. He tried calling me at 5 am. He's in Seoul, Korea. Deported when I was around 12, was in prison since I was around 3 - 5. I haven't spoken to him in years even though he always calls to want to talk to me, sometimes ask for money. I kind of want to answer just to ask if he really did what he did to my mom that caused me to born.

I barely remember him but it was mostly good memories. I'm becoming so detached from both my parents. I don't love them. Not anymore.

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