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Rudi Giuliani has so much meme potential it's shocking. I think this could be considered the RGW jingle.

@iso Rudy Giuliani - WOW

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WHOOPS. Carrying WHATS and whats!? What was on your mind sir?

His face when he caught that mistake! OOF.

So if Congress can push forward this sham impeachment of now Citizen Trump and it goes through to trial, does this not set a precedent? A precedent that Obama, Bush, & Clinton can be impeached for the things they've done? The lying, the wars, the corruption, they could lose all their Federal Benefits or worse, right?

We know Mr. Biden. We know. It's nap time. There there.

@iso Biden - It's hard sometimes to remember.

Watching this dude makin dumpling wrappers is so mesmerizing. Also now I want to make my own noodles/dumpling wrappers out of vegetable juices.

Whoops. Biden plagiarized another part of his speech. An oldie but a goodie from good ol' Bill.

Oh boy. I just realized. With the WHO announcement about the uselessness of PCR, what does that mean for every death that was a "Corona" death since it began? Since they finally admit that it gives high false positives, basically every death for the past 400+k "Corona" deaths, deaths with positive cases + actual death from Corona, need to be audited or they need to tell the truth on the numbers.

Boy, rewatching Boardwalk Empire with what I've learned in 2020 about Government & history, what a different show. Paying attention to how openly and easily the corruption is done. And I didn't pay attention that Nucky was Republican. Now paying attention to the law, government, & order instead of the story & action, really interesting.

This guy's pretty funny! His voice kind of reminds me of George Carlin sometimes. Just wish he had some darker humor like Carlin hah.

"Boomer Triggers Gen-Z Snowflakes. Brad Upton

Now that Biden is going back to war in the Middle East and now that a lot of the Middle East probably has some form of Internet, I wonder if we'll get new reporting from there. Some people call it "Boots on the ground" reporting, I think we need a new term for reporting from over there. "Feet in Sandals"? "Soles in the Sands"?

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Biden: "I don't know what I'm signing here."

- Why isn’t he signing EO’s in the Oval Office? EO or EA?

- Remember this is who 80 million "voters" voted for

- He said “I don’t know what am signing” Kamala tells him to sign it anyway

- This is the second video in a different location of him signing executive orders

- All the papers were blank

Oh nooo. I hope Mr. Pope is OK. Apparently he's had a few of these flareups in the past few months and he hasn't really been seen in a while :(

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Outside of something unexpected (come on Q anon, now would be the time..!) it appears today is the day for me to humiliate myself and make good on the bet that I kind of lost.

I mean, we all know Trump really did in a second term...

But the old bitch Biden is in the big chair now..

So vile ginger @PakkonenCT is demanding that I fulfill the bet and I sing the national anthem on jitsi. Which at some point today I shall do.

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Based Black Man schooling Canadian Liberal about immigration.

This is such a great stream to watch. People from all around the country, different jobs, different races, different circumstances. Majority Trump supporters but all openly talking to each other & having dialogue.

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I'm loving this Rob Braxman Tech guy. He says such amazing things & his tech videos on privacy are really good to know. I'm not super paranoid about my privacy but I try to learn & do what I can to protect myself from the scary ones.

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