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Remember the time when Anthony Fauci was talking about the Gain of Function research that he & NIH totally didn't talk about or fund?


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I liked the phrase "Informed Dissent".


Pop Quiz. Who was President of the United States in 2009? Bidens answer will surprise you.

Great. Damn M5M. Gonna go through this rigamarole again.

Looks like lockdowns/shutdowns are back on the menu y'all!

Oh, I didn't know Texas was 80% "People of Color" and 16% "ANGLO". That's a racial term I haven't heard in years.

I love the way the first video is lined up with Hunter looking up at his dad. Exquisite.

Oh man, the Rona news is really amped up in scariness isn't it? Nearly everyone at work now is wearing a mask. And I overheard about people with reservations needing proof of vax. Me and a female busser are still the only one right now without a mask, FOH wise. I feel like I should just go off and start telling people to start looking out for Lamda, Gamma, & Delta+. Skip a few chapters. Scare them till it seems absurd. Till they start to realize.

So how long till the Capitol Police is the new "SS"?

Oh no! Illinois is seeing a rise in the GAMMA variant! Is this a teaser to a new Marvel Incredible Hulk movie coming out? Is Barack Obama involved? Are the deaths counted as all the people being shot in Chicago who are rested after they're shot (by a gun, not a needle). Questions need to be asked! Save us Joe Biden!


Yahoo finance stream of the January 6th hearing is 3:33:05. Magic number!

Ever the WARMONGER just like her ol' Papi. Liz Cheney just told us there's going to be more violence to come & a "January 6th" every 4 YEARS, that is, "if those responsible are held accountable & if Congress does not act responsibly".

Full Hearing (with Yahoo Chat for great commentary):

So I'm going back to the beginning of this farce of a hearing. And they start off with shaking hands with the officer and taking a shit load of pictures, like its a photoshoot. Conflict of interest much? Just openly tell us that you own these Police Officers and that this hearing is already not going to be fair & honest.

Shifty Schiff at it again. Looks like new footage is being brought out. They're just building more and more of a narrative.

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Koreans in Korea are more American than American Left here in America. Singing the American National Anthem.

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This should be a game or something. Who can predict the first M5M mention of the Lambda variant? Be it CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, which one of those will be the first to recognize the Lambda variant? And what date? Any takers?

It's so refreshing to be more Awake than the Woke people.

Cubans in America yelling "FUCK ANTIFA" and "FUCK BLACK LIVES MATTER"

America has many allies. Not by the treaties we've made but by the ideals of the people, the True American Patriots. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡·

Fuck Communism. God Bless America.

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