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To everyone who can see this, please have a look at this Twitter thread. How is China handling the Coronavirus? Let's have a little look behind the Red Silk Curtain of the Chinese Communist Party.

How far can it go. A few of these videos may be hard to watch. No gore or anything but it shows you how scary the state can be. Download all the videos in this thread. Show it to your friends. Anyone.

Show them how far things can go "for your health".

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Remember the time when Anthony Fauci was talking about the Gain of Function research that he & NIH totally didn't talk about or fund?


Original source:

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Tensions between China & Taiwan seem to be increasing domestically here in the US. The Orange County Church shooter appears to be a Chinese National who targeted Taiwanese on purpose.

CCP reaching far.

What is KJP? She'll tell you. She's a Black Gay Immigrant Woman. Not lesbian, not LGetc.

Historical 1st press conference of the 1st Bl-Haitian, 1st LGBTQQIAARP2S+ birthing person press secretary.

Let's watch this historic event unfold.

33 year old Michael Foley from Massachusetts shot & killed at Space Force station in New Hampshire

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Why even watch NeuTrek when you could just watch the stuff it steals from

So let's see the shootings today:

Buffalo NY - Grocery Store. Perp caught.
Orange County, CA - Church. Perp caught.
Houston TX - Flea Market. Perp(s) unknown.

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Something I find interesting about the whole Ultra Maga King thing. Rearrange some stuff a bit.

M. K. Ultra.

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Not Safe for Eyes 

Leader of the Black Lives Matter cult Patrisse Cullors

I think I have some kind of COVID anxiety or something. I just feel so strange. Other than that I feel fine. Still no fever and body aches are gone. Just this strange anxiety. Eating seems to help alleviate a little but. But maybe that's just a feeling. So far it's been 4+ish days.

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Joe Biden the King Maker dubs his predecessor "The Great Maga King"

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I want to thank all of you in NAS and the rest of the Fediverse for all your love & care & information on this. You are all an amazing family & wealth of knowledge.

Truly, you are all the greatest ever. I love all of you, so very much.

Interesting that I finally catch the virus after being sober off alcohol for 3 weeks & marijuana for a little over 1.

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