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WHOOPS. Carrying WHATS and whats!? What was on your mind sir?

His face when he caught that mistake! OOF.

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This is from Jan 2020 and addresses the Hunter Biden story in detail. Worth a watch.

Have any of you heard of this "Heroes Jobs" thing? I got call today from an industry acquaintance looking for help for a project at her bar and an hour or two later I get this text from someone else. It would be nice to do something again, feels weird getting these messages out of the blue. But this HeroesJobs thing looks legit but I don't wanna get scammed, hesitant on clicking the link. Anyone got experience or knowledge about this app/site?

Did Clinton, Bush, or Obama do anything to combat human trafficking & sexual exploitation or do anything to help victims of such crimes? I can't really remember any off the top of my head.

Using AI technology, we have created what a Joe Biden press conferences would look & sound like IF he were to win the presidency. So stay safe and let's watch.

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I hope Weiss and Hickman fuck Wizards of the Coast with their 8 foot long Schlong of Justice.

Save vs Death magic bitches.

I bet they accept a settlement though.

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these posters are apparently showing up all over Orange County

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An image from one of my favorite movies had me cracking up at this meme.

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@adam the paper about masks not working by Fauci has been erased from the internet. Where can I find the pdf?

This lady does a fantastic stuff following the drama going on like the ANTIFA shootings. Definitely worth a follow on her YouTube & Twitter.

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James O'Keefe

BREAKING: @Google Program Manager Confirms Election Interference In Favor of @JoeBiden

Search “skewed by owners and drivers of the algorithm”

“Plain and simple trying to play god”

“If Trump wins, there will be riots...if the left wins, they will be ecstatic”


Joint statement between the USA, Bahrain, and Israel. Peace is still going on even in Corona & political strife

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This looks like it was possibly the best rally the Democrats have had all year!!
The locale, style, graphics, venue design are all so far beyond good, one can only say "Great!!"
(Just like the Dem convention was so much more attractive and professional than the Republican convention.)

I think they should also have a live counter on the podium as well to show how many time their mic was muted or how much time they had on the mic. Make it that transparent at how bias the media is.

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Hey... isn't Biden supposed to be in the basement?

Shoulda kept the lid.

@joannamrod: "Ouch 😬 Gov. Roy Cooper caught on a hot mic today telling Joe Biden they're going to try to drag the disgraced Cal Cunningham across the finish line following his affair with the wife of a combat veteran.

'I know that's frustrating, but we'll get him across.' #NCsen #NCpol [video]"

#Biden #Cunningham

(H/T @RealSaavedra RT )

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