I've haven't mentioned the boston strangler

Most of the rest are considered “owner-operators” who traditionally leased their rigs from trucking companies, ...
forced drivers to purchase new trucks beginning in 2008 rather than assume the expense. Many drivers, who also paid for diesel fuel, repairs and insurance, fell into debt as they worked overtime to pay off huge loans for their rigs. If they missed payments, some companies reclaimed the trucks and fired the drivers, seizing their equity."


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This is probably my favourite cover of Billie Jean, done by friends-of-friends youtube.com/watch?v=E9yhgMa_K0

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A gotcha moment!! 😂 JIM JORDAN FIRED UP: During President Trump Impeachment Hearing

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@terrygore there was a road in LA where they took a busy 4 lane road and made it 2 lanes for a bike lane.

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If we're worried about a superbug crisis because of antibiotic over use, why aren't we as worried about vaccine overuse?

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This clip is fucking amazing. Using southpark animation on outrageous audio clips is comedy gold. No matter what the content.

Watch "Billionaire Dan Pena on Global Warming" on YouTube

I believe she probably doesn't but if you got a good Joan of Arc why not immortalize her at her expense

Just watched on local news unveiling of the Sistine Greta as the band played and the true believers with their hands clasped in genuflection watched, a climate activist stated "Greta doesn't want any attention, or fanfare.."

JCD has ranted on this. Last night I was driving home in S Jose which is one big suburb and the drive has been made about 10 min longer for the installation of expensive bike lanes. The city in their effort to be green has made the route 10 min longer for my (wild ass guess) about 1000 commuters and another (WAG)has gotten maybe 2 people to switch to bikes. So in order to save 1.5 hours of co2 pollution it created 165 hrs of car driven co2 pollution.
My bet is they double down on their effort.

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Comments by Ross McKitrick on the Continuation of Climate Model Failure: "The big issue is not whether warming has 'paused' or not... [RCP4.5 is] already pulling away from the observations." sobr.org/fKL

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Big Trouble in Little China (1986)
A rough-and-tumble trucker helps rescue his friend’s fiance from an ancient sorcerer in a supernatural battle beneath Chinatown.

After a studio exec deliberately destroyed the Buckaroo Banzai franchise (to ruin another exec's career tied to the film's success), the planned sequel BB vs The World Crime League got reworked into Big Trouble. Yes this is set in the BB universe and Kurt Russell's character is a Blue Blaze Irregular who CB chats w/BB from his truck

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Thank you to the NA Nation who have been to the youboob channel and subscribed. Just saw that we hit over 1,000 subs today, which supposedly triggers something in the algos and serves the videos to more viewers as "suggested videos."

We shall see. Keep hitting people in the mouth y'all! 😀

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‪I went to the doctors today, spoke with the receptionist. ‬

‪I said “I need to see a doctor straight away. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I might be invisible!”‬

‪She confirmed my suspicions when she replied “I’m sorry but the doctor can’t see you at the moment”‬

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