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Funny thing is, in circumstances where people choose not to take the vaccine the media labels it as a refusal.

How can it be considered “refusal” when you are legally required to give consent?

Consent implies you have a choice.

This type of language manipulation is straight out of the Marx/CPC hand book

The new US, UK and Aus defence pack is making China feel left out.

News report in NZ shows China contacts our Government, applies to join CPTPP.

[Ask] Covid: businesses were tricking people to sign a declaration of having/not having the vax, correct?

When an actual fact you don’t have to supply that information if you don’t want to?

@tenthman In fact, the American media (including Mark Levin) have narrowed the story to where Woodruff and Costa may have created the items that appeared in WaPo as a way to get a book published, but the news that hit in the WaPo article was about 90 minutes behind a flurry of activity that leaked onto the Chans and Telegram indicating GoP Senators had been given the proof of a military leader colluding with a foreign power during the 2020 Election Cycle.

@tenthman Also, there were links to Reuters articles yesterday supporting the Woodruff assertions in WaPo with claims about 5 Eyes having been eavesdropping on all the conversations.

I thought it was neat that FoxNews and most Americans (like Rand Paul) did not reference the tapes, but there are Republicans in the Senate Arms Committee that have the tapes and the transcripts for full release.

@tenthman Everything gets recorded. And we have people on both sides that were listening to the conversation so there are American and Chinese witnesses just like Vindman in the Ukraine conversation with Zalinski.

How do you think the attached conversation got loose? The Americans would not release it and honestly, I don't think the Ruskies (who were blamed) really had a horse in the game to leak the conversation.

It made for a nice Jingle on TBPITU.

New Zealand is left out to what seems to be a joint defence meeting in Australia.

The UK, US and Australia will meet to discuss concerns in the pacific. It seems our western allies may be concerned about our relationship with the CPC and have thought it would be best to leave us out

update 9/14/21

total covid breakthrough deaths = 352, for a change of 75 in the last week

cumulative total deaths
7/24 21628
8/24 22309
8/31 21697
9/7 23342
9/14 24028

cumulative breakthrough deaths
7/24 24
8/24 168
8/31 219
9/7 277
9/14 352

7/24-9/14 period:
328 of 2400 deaths were fully vaxxed (13.7%)

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Who’s the marketing team in the Democratic Party? My gosh.

I get it, you want to make trump look crazy but who looks worse:

1. the guy who started no new wars, and he is also allegedly crazy, or

2. the guy committing treason by calling a foreign nation suggesting he would warn them in advance


[Quote RT Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald]

If you find it disturbing that ELITES go mask-free while their SERVANTS ARE FORCED to wear cloth over their face, as they carry the train of their designer dress, it probably means you are a WHITE SUPREMACIST and/or a MISOGYNIST, as AOC said earlier.

As I initially thought, Jacinda Ardern is justifying lockdowns in Auckland on surveillance and testing.

So it’s not because people are sick?

Google News Headlines in NZ

“Biden wants world 70% vaccinated in a year”

Lol, he ain’t my manager.

UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal: "Don’t force my kids to take drugs just because yours does "

People think because society has experienced facism and communism that it would never never happen again.

After all, we know the signs* right?

* The olympics were still held under the socialist party

Lockdown for Auckland (nz) will continue this week after 33 new cases.

The Prime Minister says because we haven’t been able to locate how they got the flu, it’s a risk to the nation.

They are only trying to drive this home because they want to scanning QR Codes and drive vaccination up.

Time to hold the line, diamond arms hold

These injections must effect people’s moods. My colleague has been a real whinge bag since he had the first treatment.

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