@adam @Johncdvorak Please review the attached image. I hassled health Canada to the point they FINALLY responded.

These motherfuckers are using 40-45 cycles.

@adam @Johncdvorak

I followed up. Looking to find out where these tests are manufactured in the first place.

@adam @Johncdvorak

One other note. They are trying to spin the entire "PCR Cycle" to normalize random PCT Cycles.

Complete bull shit. It's a direct response to being called out about using too high of a PCR Cycle.

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak great information, something to show next time i am graciously advising people to take “smooth move”(™) tea because they’re full of shit...

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak

...depending on the assay

and depending on the specifications of the test

and you got the numbers only in ontario(ie not for all of canada)

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak can you repost that somewhere? The image is almost unreadable.

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak translation: there are no standards, each lab does whatever they want, nobody actually validated the labs are getting accurate results, it’s no better than tossing a coin.

And it’s being used as unquestionable revealed truth and as criterion for locking people and shutting down businesses.

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak even being extremely generous and assuming it works with just 2% false negative rate — that already means most reported cases are false negatives.

They are adding multiple layers of fraud on top of each other.

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak no wonder the cases are skyrocketing. We got an email that my sons high school (London, ON) is going to start giving free (voluntary) asymptotic COVID testing.

@quintzy @adam @Johncdvorak

That's insane. Especially when asymptomatic fantasy spread does not exist:

Study of 10MILLION Wuhan citizens during/post pandemic shoed NO asymptomatic spread.

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak it’s ridiculous and it’s just going to keep us in lockdown. If asymptotic people don’t get tested the numbers drop dramatically.

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak they are trying, successfully, to produce many cases to frighten the uninformed public. I believe
(1) this is despicable, and
(2) your assessment as to whether they are having sex with their own mothers is correct.

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak
I like how they said they would let the public know, in a pamphlet, how it works once they figure it out themselves.

@temujin_HF @adam @Johncdvorak What a fucking scam. When is this going to be exposed. M5M needs to do its job...

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