From an old Byzantine lullaby (1399) in the British Library:

"Venetians are Predatory

Venetians are Venal

Venetians are Impious

Venetians are Syphilitic

Venetians are Miserly

Venetians are Covetous

Venetians are Vassals

Destroy the little weasels.


In the morning.

I have a new game to play with your friends

As a No Agenda producer, people already know you’re into conspiracies and are happy to open up to you you. The trick is to out conspiracy the conspiracy theorist.

So the next time someone says “Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill him self” you can reply “oh so you still believe in Jeffery Epstein....”

Then, with a well rehearsed straight face, look them in they eye and say: “Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill him self because he never existed”

Just saw an ad for the apple cult's iHole Slow motion selfies ... Slofies

can SloMo be far behind

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;


Nicely done.

Aces & TY Citizen.

Never leave home without it.

@amuir What does it look like with the "dots" drawn to scale?

It's another kind of ...

"Computer Modelling"


Holy ShiiiiiiiIte.

That is some industrial strength niponese mind f*ckery ...

Where's the damn bottle of Patron

Sweet Baby Jesus!

We are blessed to have Brothers (and no doubt capable Sisters) who are willing and able to


on our behalf.

G_dpeed First Responders.

Saw this video over on twitter - don't know the correct way to link to it or embed it or whatever...

It's a video from inside a fire crew's vehicle as they are engulfed by the fire front.



@rapiddedfault AWE

let's go get the goth kids and smoke cigarettes behind Hot Topic! (oh wait -- youtube.com/watch?v=iLj2mVxREa )

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