“Our viewers don’t really consider us the news. They come to us for comfort.”

like "comfort"-food media.phoneboy.com/najingles/M

The Titled 45Savage show of @MoeFactz and @adam Curry is so damn good. If you haven’t listened you need to do the work for sure.



Disturbing ...

on too many levels to count ...

because it's true

@mrmcmayhem duuuuhde...

using logic to understand the motivations of this cluster-f-ed shite-show is a bit like arguing with the cray-cray.

it'll make YOU youtube.com/watch?v=HTAdKdzWrg

@mrmcmayhem i'm almost certain he's pushin' up daisies sometime between the virtual convention and the mail-fraud election

@419monk thank

YOU. It takes a fine mind to unravel the hidden machinations of our over-lord douchebags.

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