Well .. we've got the new "printing press."

Guess the new "reformation" will be along any time now ---

oh wait.

[Vol II 2nd Ed.
The Reformation 1520-1559
p. 4] archive.org/details/iB_CMH

The New Cambridge Modern History, 1957 ... 1975 pb. ~ Internet Archive archive.org/details/iB_CMH (284, 299, 301, 303)

IX International Relations In The West; Diplomacy And War
J. R. Hale, Professor Of Italian At University College, London

Lord Acton - Essays on Freedom and Power - Introduction mises-media.s3.amazonaws.com/E p. lvii (58)

Gertrude Himmelfarb (Bea Kristol)
New York City January, 1948

Chartism—A Chapter In English Industrial History
Edward D. Jones, Ph. D.
Instructor in Economics and Statistics, University of Wisconsin

In a sense, you see, like Tony Montana, we would be telling the truth, even when we were lying. It is bewitching logic.

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