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Police Chief’s Testimony DESTROYS Capitol Riot Narrative:

House Democrats were warned SIX TIMES of a high potential for a violent riot, but House sergeant-at-arms denied requests for a stronger National Guard presence, due to concerns about the “optics."

My ten year old son is reading a book about the US Constitution and he says to me "Dad, the government is breaking the law" and proceeds to explain to me all the laws they are breaking. 🤗

Today's Winner of the Internet
...Cruzin with Steak podcast, Jerry Cthulhu said: "I don't care who my superheros fuck, I want to see them beat people up."
-- @QTpuff

As long as you watch the news, you'll continue to be brainwashed.

And you won't even know it.


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Yuri Bezmenov the four stages of ideological subversion - former propaganda agent for the KGB...

It’s off to bacon bacon land. Time to prep Human Resources initial food units. Back in a few hours

No Agenda Show is always Sunday's biggest game.

§ 46.116 General requirements for informed consent.

(a)(1) Before involving a human subject in research covered by this policy, an investigator shall obtain the legally effective informed consent of the subject or the subject's legally authorized representative.

Anyone thinking that efficacy studies have completed, aren't paying attention. We are in the human trial phase, with 2% of the US population.

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Medical Malpractice for a Failure to Obtain Informed Consent

A failure to obtain informed consent can create substantial liability for a physician or practice, including a lawsuit which alleges that the provider failed to obtain legally sufficient informed consent – a form of medical malpractice in many jurisdictions.

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