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We need the resources to fight back every step of the way.

Please make a contribution to defend our movement from nasty, fake attacks.


@GreenZeta /PEOPLE/ need to realize that just bout everything they've hoovered up from "popular culture" was designed to mislead them about the nature of everything that matters ... ESPECIALLY their own motivations and psychology.

It's more than just the "cable" that needs cutting

Women need to realize that men are not secretly nice to each other when they leave the room. Putting you down and taking advantage of you IS treating you as equal. Except for the so called Bro-Culture. But they're just closet homosexuals.

Power Doesn't Run On Nothing
we stare into space with grims on our faces
so give us what we're asking for
cause either way, we're gonna take it
our power doesn't run on nothing
we need the land you're standing on so lets go
move it

Bait and switch SOP disinfo mashup with "real" codes.

they broke the enigma code recognizing the "station id" for weather reports

they broke the japanese code by "spiking" their collection with false reporting on a water shortage

op's are multivariate head games of the highest order and magnitude

the "announcers" were all low-level "soldiers" in the cause

@HiroProtagonist @tomey


I'll never forget the all-time greatest empty-V VJ wise-ass crack (NOT @adam)

"Totalitarian Funsters" on 120 minutes

if the foo shits ...

@ChrisWilson @NICKtheRAT @CarBlanez33 @Nihilore @HiroProtagonist

@stsmith he's tough to listten to and look at but Scot Adams is


his periscopes breaking down Trump's weaponized linguistic kill shots


@TomNovak There's a conference in the sace station on the way to the moon where Dr Floyd talks about "the cover story" and the need for studies to figure out how to share the "discovery" with civilization ... the banality of bureaucrats


There are those who think that life
Has nothing left to chance
A host of holy horrors
To direct our aimless dance.

re-watching Kubrik's genius reveal

@SirHendrick the "progressive stack" isn't being exposed for what it is so much as reasonable people have been forced to look more closely at what's been going on for the last 50 years in the western technocratic "covert" cultural suicide