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somehow missed this gem in the original sweep for this post, but its completely related and the truth, anyone wanna discuss media warping society in the dead art of print?

is it friday yet? i could really go for a beer.


At the end of the day if people would just shut up with their name calling and Russia Russia Russia and listen to a very calm person describing the State of Affairs today maybe they would get it.


Great tie back to the Dan Peña rant on NA Show 1009
and the Joseph P Farrell interview on Grimerica #270

@Grimericano @Gramerica And just a not to @adam re: Mr Peña's language. Careful or you will lose your MF sponsors.

I consider myself not a “strict constructionist” but a “Freedom Fundamentalist” - the acts of a few deranged or co-opted individuals should not require people of sound mind to surrender what freedoms we still enjoy. For that reason, while I don’t own a gun of any sort, I believe in defending that freedom for others, and all other remaining freedoms along with that. You can treat the symptom by banning types of guns, or you can treat the root cause that makes unstable people kill.

Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition (complete.)
Grand Russian orchestral music for a grand day.

Watch "03 Bill Cooper Presentation: Behold a Pale Horse (1991)" on YouTube

Another censored video from YouTube about the goings on in Europe. I love this guy

@TomNovak Embrace the power of "and..." 😃


I'd say more likely that the M5M is so entrenched with the deep state that many knew this was going on, hence why there has been ZERO investigative journalism on this outside a little on Fox News and "alternative" news sites like Zero Hedge.

This is 10X worse than Watergate and rocks the very foundation of the peaceful transfer of power. A sitting President is LITERALLY trying to get the current President removed.

@panda_monium I get to take this picture at least once each year. This is from a couple of weeks ago. :)

Be sure to look for my upcoming thinkpiece about how too many people on the internet feel the need to write articles about their takes and assume people want to read them.

@temporaryDouchebag Something I forgot to send. Great interpretation of 7 Deadly Sins.