@adam You guys talking about Ilhan Omar’s looks reminded me of what a lucky man her brother is. 😄

@espectalll The admin world of mastodon really is pure cancer tbh. It's mostly just butthurt people who want to bulk-block absolutely everything for the smallest offense.

I can't view them as anything other than control freaks who want to micromanage their whole social network experience to fit their wishes.

I'm with Angristan in the fact that I believe the purpose of the fediverse is to give control to users, so they can do what they want.

But good lord there's so many instances out there that just mass block and then users from these instances go around parading that you're a shitty admin because you don't block instances like others did, even though they're not even a member of your instance.

People are free to create whatever instances they want, but you'd be amazed how many instances out there don't even inform users what instances are blocked or why, and how many of them are just admins getting drunk on power.

But really the worst part about being an admin is getting hordes of people who call you a nazi just because you refuse to block <insert any instance that's been politically relevant in the past 30 minutes>.

The #Tusky people seems to be unhappy about #TuskyUncensored to be a GPL-compliant software so they can not report it for GPL violation.


And they are reporting #Mastodon client that works with #newgab for Google Play policy violation.

I am just a Chinese guy living in Japan, I have not been to the fucking America yet. Being born in China, I know the importance of absolute free speech is so much more important than difference between left and right.

All Japanese Mastodon clients are not blocking #Gab, including Subway Tooter by Mr.Tateisu, a very well made client with support for push notification with FCM, which #Tusky refuse to implement.

Also play.google.com/store/apps/det made by Mixi K.K. in Japan.

You guys should really try to take down those #WhiteSupremacist #Nazi apps made by Japanese right?

Thank those people in the #Tusky Team (mostly white) trying to force us, the coloured developers in Asia to comply with their view of #AmericanPolitics. Such an excellent way to combat #AmericanExceptionalism and #WhiteSupremacism .

Big news in my book: "CrossFit, Inc. Suspends Use of Facebook and Associated Properties". CrossFit might consider a Mastodon instance. l.curry.com/f92

One day I’m going to get a hybrid Subaru and I’m going to name it “Breakin’ 2: Electric Subaru”.

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