My new political podcast is gathering steam. In episode 3 I am joined by my friend Mike from Ireland and we discuss the #GeneralElection2019, #Brexit and what a stronger #BorisJohnson means for the UK and the rest of Europe.


@fabsh I agree with your assessment of Labour voters feeling betrayed by the party. Same sentiment appeared in recent AU federal election.

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@tankwater Right. Haven't been up on Oz politics in a while. Where abouts are you located? I used to live in QLD for a bit...

@fabsh I'm in Brisbane. It was Qld that destroyed Labor's chances in last year's election. Most of the electorates swung to Lib/Nats because of .... you guessed it ... job loss fears

@tankwater Ah nice. I miss Brissie. I went to school in Gympie.

@tankwater Pretty much at random. Exchange student programme. Got my Senior Certificate at JNSHS in 2000. 🤠

@tankwater Went back for work and travel in '05. I miss it often. Lovely country you have.

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