@fabsh re duck duck go. I have a dim distant memory that Micro$soft are involved with DDG in some way.

Why does my brain always translate Apple's MacOS Big Sur into


every time I read it.

Why are all these people re-enacting the method used to murder Mr Floyd?

Heartless racists.

I've launched the first chapter of my dystopian crime novel today. I have been working on this for years. It's free to read while I write it, so that you can heckle me to finish it. #StayHomeWriMo #AmWriting




I’m not a big fan of the term “social distancing”. It’s idiotic. What you actually mean when you say that is “physical distancing”.


What a great way to deal with idiots.

'I still remember that one time, early on, this guy comes in and starts posting about how gay I am. We scared him off by posting a ton of posts where everyone was extolling the virtues of sucking cock all day. We never had to ban anyone who was an actual person. We never needed a code of conduct. We just had this understanding that we liked the place, were going to defend it and anyone who wanted to be a dick about it could fuck right off'.

Enjoying the finer spirits in life, before the end of days

There's a special place in hell for masterdonners that use a GIF for their avatar

Anybody speak Russian? Do any of these explain how the warhead works? I would like to know what shrapnel from such a missile looks like.

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Episode63: First time show is broadcast live.

Adam and John talk about how to get the show archived by libraries.


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