I want to like her but she is not making any of the right moves. I am not believing any if her talk...lets see some action otherwise you are worse than the left becuase you are Fucking liar.

Russia Cuts Off Gas to Italy Just Days After New Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Announces Her Support for Ukraine

USC freshman star suffers heart attack…

I have been sending these reports to a "conservative" friend and she had absolutely not idea people were dying BECAUSE of the bio weapon vaxxxseen. Her information source is MoM.

Soldier who walked with Queen’s coffin found dead…

these stories never talk about how a perfectly healthy 18yo suddenly dies.

if the us were a white supremacy hive, black communities would be burned down regularly because american blacks still commit the majority of violent crimes, and mostly on whites

we're told its fine when blacks rage when a black criminal loses a fight with the cops, so why aren't whites entitled to the same rage when innocent whites are murdered in cold blood by blacks?

i guess this means the us gov cares about black criminals more than they do law abiding whites

so why obey this racist law?

All this time I had no idea that fascism was all about being against abortion, euthanasia, illegal immigration, government overreach and “Woke”ness.

Apparently all along the “Good guys” were for the secret police raiding the homes of political rivals, show trials, political prisoners, the use of public companies like a glove for the state’s spy network, the regulation and control of industry and of course ESG and all its baggage.

First time I've booked a hotel for corporate travel in nearly three years. It'll be a while longer before I'll book a flight for corporate travel...

Is there any imagery that could show more clearly how demonic the Biden regime / democrat party is? I thought I was looking at some kind of skit. Sadly I was not

A man is no less a slave if he is allowed to choose a new slave-master every 4 years

noagendasocial.com/@Johncdvora is Such a pompous asshole sometimes. So by default a rumble post is from a wacked out individual. Youtube is the only authority John, huh? Maybe bitchute. You slip in these condescending comments and they make you sound like a huge asshole.

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