@surrealestate it was an awesome talk you gave,love! 😍I hope everyone watches!!😊

About 6 months ago I started researching how to fight the medical tyranny we are living under. I came across what I think is the way to go. It’s called the affidavit process. Affidavits aren’t new, and neither is this process. It’s just not being taught anymore. I know this video is long, but if you are interested in what I found out and how we can legally and peacefully fight this stuff, give it a listen. Thanks!



Hey guys! If you live in Northeast Ohio you should definitely try to make this meetup that my friend Alex is putting on at the Winking Lizard in Beachwood Ohio on October 23rd. @surrealestate and I will be there so we hope to see you then!❤️

I’m sad to say that my friend @sparky passed away on Friday. At our meetups he was always ready with a joke and a smile.In fact he didn’t even mind that we thought he was the spook! He thought that was hilarious that he was “Sparky the Spook”.I remember him telling me and @surrealestate that he loved meetups for the fellowship.I’ll never forget that he was the first person that prompted me to fight back against the bullshit and he told me he knew I could do it. Miss you Sparky❤️😢😢


Hey guys! @surrealestate and I will be speaking again tonight at our Board of Education meeting.I’m sharing the last meeting so you guys can watch us speak if you’d like!Chris starts at the 29 minute mark and I follow him.I’d love feedback on our first speeches so we can improve on the second.I know I got too close to the mic last time but I was angry. I’ll try to be more composed tonight! Lol. Let me know if you catch my no agenda phrase at the end!😁

@surrealestate @DameAshley I appreciate the perspective. I've recently decided to try to express my feelings in words as well. It's nice to hear that other citizens are thinking through this as well.


Hey No Agenda peeps! I shared this before. It’s the board of education meeting that @surrealestate and I both spoke at. If you want to hear our speeches go to the 29 minute mark. His is first and mine is right after. The thing I wanted to mention about this meeting was that someone named Tore Maras speaks at the end of this meeting.She is at 1 hour 21 minutes.This is the Tore Says chick that they have talked about in NA.Anyone know anything about her?

I think I've decided to hit up the NE Ohio Meetup this evening. I'll see @methos and @DameAshley and more that I don't know or remember the toot handles for in a bit!

For anyone following our school board meeting YouTube video; I wanted to say that I received this message from a teacher who was at the meeting. I love this teacher and I’m proud that two of my sons were in their class. There were several teachers there and they were forced into masks(literally muzzled) and I know that many of them feel the way this teacher does. I’m so glad to have proof that we are not alone!❤️❤️

@DameAshley @surrealestate
Amazing speeches both of you! I can't wait to hear if anything has changed for the school district. Any board that looked like that would make me frustrated also. Some of the old guys seem like they can barely stay awake. Also loved the tyfyc

@DameAshley @surrealestate I shared it with a podcast stream so we could all enjoy. Hope that is OK. Will be at about the 2:35:00 time. youtube.com/watch?v=KtmZq-NIio


If anymore No Agenda peeps wouldn’t mind disliking this video, I would appreciate it. YouTube is taking away dislikes! I would also love to be able to show the school board tomorrow night that people do not agree with children being forced into masks.


No Agenda people, can you please go dislike this video? This is our superintendent who just mandated masks for all of our kids!

@adam @surrealestate @DameAshley Loving these, I'll boost all of 'em.

I think this could be an important part of how we build a parallel economy to the one that The Powers that Be are trying to force us all into, and ultimately reveal them to be The Powers that Pretend to Be.

They will discriminate, we will not, and thus we will gain all of the market share. They want to attach various identities to your money; your money is all "green" with us!

Hey Northeast Ohio! There is a meetup coming up!When @surrealestate asked what I wanted for birthday I said “A No Agenda meetup!” It’s not for my birthday but I’d love to see y’all!If you don’t come though my face will look like the first picture,which happens to be me at age 3 looking very unhappy because I was forced into wearing pink! 😂Anywayz, hope you guys can make it! @methos your Duke of Ohio will be there so don’t make him mad by not showing up! You won’t like him when he’s angry! 😜

@surrealestate I know you can and do, I just thought that was funny because I just heard him say it. Lol

@surrealestate you know, John just said that Cleveland is a shithole on the last show? Which is pretty funny coming from someone who leaves near San Francisco, since people literally shit on the streets there. Lol.

Hope you can find some connections on here,love. No Agenda people are the best and that is no joke. 😜

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