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ready to be shipped off to its forever home: Green Adventurine and Tigers Eye Enhanced HHG (SE.) ~ //

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Isn't it weird when somebody's telling you about an experience and they expect you to express solidarity with their confusion, but you understand the entire situation (including their misunderstanding) so you're thinking "should I nod and act dumb?" but then you're like "that's not how it works" and go on explaining even though they're not gonna benefit from any of it? And then they zone out. 🤷‍♂️

Nobody wants the truth, they only want you to join in the dumdum parade.

This had collected so much dust! I also never knew how to intone it properly. You're supposed to adjust the screws to where the open string sounds the same note as the 12th fret .

Got the guitar all super shiny and reassembled and properly intoned, hasn't sounded or looked this good since I bought it decades ago. But it took over a week so now I kind of feel like there's nothing to do tomorrow! Practice I guess 🙄

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@sunbearshaman i wouldnt want to change it if that is the case.

Double check..take it to a jewler..ask him/her too look at the guitar and tell you if its corrosion or wear...make a plan from there (jewler has instuments and is used to viewing imagine not all music stores pay attention to chrome as they more concentrate on function)

I need advice for how to get some crud off of chrome plated guitar parts. I tried polishing with a cotton cloth and simichrome polish but it seems like this needs a little bit more. It's not rust, nothing is brown, it's just little spots where the chrome looks dull. I got a dremel for xmas but have no experience using it yet.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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I cleaned up and repaired this neat old banjo. Not sure who made it or when, but it sounds goooood

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The Whataburger mushroom swiss special is incredible, it has some gravy that tastes just like Grandma's beef stroganoff

Me and some rando, sitting in our respective cars, watching each other smoke weed in the Whataburger parking lot

I've been waiting on a little Looper pedal for over two weeks now, USPS keep sending it to and from Idaho. I think it's stuck to the bottom of a bin or something. Yesterday it was in Tucson now it's back in Idaho. I'm angry. So, I'm going to go buy something twice as good from Guitar Center.

What if we kissed at the ethereal pepe slide?? Jk... but... what if??🐒🙈🙉🙊

Interesting anecdotal study about cannabis and covid19: people can't smell shit through those masks so you can light up basically anywhere these days.

Bitches gonna stop taking responsibility in 3....2.....1...... mercury stationed retrograde.

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