Stock market live updates: Dow plunges 1,100, worst point drop in history, will Fed act?

Libs are seething cauldrons of transference.

"A New York Post journalist who once wrote about casual racism being widespread was caught on camera mocking an Indian reporter behind his back during a White House press conference"

Journalist Labeled Racist for Mocking Indian Reporter During White House Press Conference – Summit News

This election is probably going to be a lot more interesting than it should... Due to Corona Economics and the partisan MSM

Stocks enter correction, Dow plunges by 780 points, as coronavirus fears multiply

Styx: Project Veritas Reveals ABC News Bias, David Wright Gets Suspended

Tulsi yet again shows just how much more in touch she is with the electorate.

Don't worry, Tulsi. We couldn't watch it either.

Tulsi Gabbard on Dem Debate: 'I Couldn't Watch Much of It, to Be Honest'

Who is this person and why does she speak as if anyone thinks her opinion is relevant?

Chelsea Clinton Rips Trump On Coronavirus - Victory Girls Blog

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