@stsmith How long till some little D1 university decides to exclusively recruit these particular athletes and blow up some women's sport?

I predict Chelsea Clinton's entry into politics in 3... 2... 1...

Clinton Foundation Donations Hit Lowest Point in a Decade

The reason behind this success may never be know.

Trans swimmer dominating women's circuit after competing on men's team for years

These are the same sort of people that will say Hunter Brandon does not matter because he is a private citizen. No way any Brandon would look out for another Brandon based on similar supposedly admirable loyalty!


As opposed to Hunter exposing himself...

Grassley exposes Hunter Biden on Senate floor… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Hunter Biden’s crackhead scarf used as inspiration for White House Christmas… Photos… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

The real story is how utterly ignored Melania was by the Communist Media.


Federal Judge Rejects DOD Claim That Pfizer EUA and Comirnaty Vaccines Are ‘Interchangeable’ • Children's Health Defense

Fuck you and fuck your vax papers you piece of shit.

Gov. Baker: QR code vaccine passport coming soon

Full disclosure; I'm vaxxed. Not that it's anyone's damned business. (Oh, FYI, if anyone's vax status is important to you, you might be a cunt)

Answer:"Stalking Public Masturbator"

Question: Newest CNN job title.

This Is CNN: ‘Thorough Review’ To Decide if Helping Brother Smear Harassment Victims Worse Than Public Masturbation

Witch Hunt Targets The Oil Companies | Hoover Institution

When Democrats point the finger, its ALWAYS done to mask their own complicity.

Instapundit » JOY BEHAR: It’s Time To ‘Tweak’ 1st And 2nd Amendments Because Founding Fathers Didn’t Have AR-15s And Twitter

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