Russell Brand:
Watch "“SERIOUSLY?!” If This Isn’t BRIBERY Then WHAT IS?!!" on YouTube

Right now across the country there's safe injection sites for heroin but your doctor could lose his practice for prescribing Ivermectin

UK recommends Booster Vaccines every 3 months for all adults… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

If you need a booster every 3 months, then its not really a "vaccine."

Robert Barnes
Federal court dismantles Biden's vaccine mandate, noting Biden administration cannot show any evidence it even reduces transmission at all. Big, big ruling, with big impact for all vaccine mandate

I'll give tou 3 guesses who's daughter she is.

Who Is Maurene Comey? James Comey's Daughter Is Lead Prosecutor in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

She didn't chose the Swamp-Life. The Swamp-Life chose her.

"Democrats." - Glen Reynolds,

How Austin Became One of the Least Affordable Cities in America - The New York Times


Tweet from TransportationGov (@USDOT)
TransportationGov (@USDOT) Tweeted:


Thankfully, I lost all respect for the United nation ages ago. It's the rest of the world being cool with it that I find baffling.


Levi Strauss offered racial trauma specialist after Rittenhouse acquittal - TheBlaze

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