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A Karen is what we used to call a churchlady. She tries telling everyone how to live their lives.

A Karen is not the opposite. She's not the person telling others to stop trying to run her life.

There are crazies at both ends, but Karen has a definition. The former, not latter

The oil and gas exec succession planning clip was interesting. Like ..a bombshell.

Any backup from the community... Sorry if I missed

Making something useful doesn’t require genius. You simply have to be just reckless enough to get started, just smart enough to understand the problem, just dumb enough not to overcomplicate the solution, and just stubborn enough to keep going until you get there.

The Emancipation Proclamation:

A document created by the Republicans to explain to Democrats how to treat people.

Also, I should add I"m still a douchebag.

Deal: I have a # when I hit it, you'll hear from me. Yes, I'm a cheapass

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Biz going well. The guy I work with, who gets lotsa jobs, is a workaholic. But he's pretty happy he found someone else who doesn't need babysitting.
He comes back to the job site after being gone doing other stuff for a few hours..."Oh, I'm glad you're still painting, getting it done."
Of course I am. Job's gotta get done.
Nice to know, I don't have to babysit. Nice for him to know, he doesn't have to babysit.

Stressed during the job, but done now and things lookin up.

Overhearing The View at this hotel I'm staying.

I never watch TV anymore. Has liberal left TV become a parody of itself?

Is this a big joke on the public "Look at how lazy we can be with our production and still get paid in Hilton Hotels across the globe"

Out of town work. Sitting in lobby of hotel...across the room, Whoopi on a pharma ad.

Glad my perspective on the world makes sense.

Been doing some computer with the last few days so I've pulled facebag up a few times. Former college roommate posted something about positive jobs report on Wednesday. It has two likes and one comment... Basically no feedback.

Every time I've pulled up fb it's been either top of my feed or within the first 3 stories, including today (4 days after he posted).

Just popped into my mind when @adam saying "non-algo no agenda social"... So nice to not have Bs fake news here.

Homeless person allowed to sleep in tax paying business business owners entryway

Great "anti-Israel pro-palestine" podcast from Dave Smith on his Part of the Problem podcast.

Probably hot button, but the flood of pro-Israel Righties and pro-Palestine retards on the Left always had me wondering what the real argument was against Israel.

This podcast spells it out well, in great detail.

Ep 739 - Modern Apartheid w/ Scott Horton

I have to remind myself that most people who start out in a small business don't make money (or much money) in the first year.

When I'm frustrated at the work I'm doing, the hectic schedule, or the little money I'm making.

Keep on movin

Does anybody have the chick saying I read the New York times on my iPad clip

She's says it with heavy vocal fry

They F'd us all over.

All of us who thought we could use their cloud services for storage, it's all there, feel free to get rid of you CDs, just rip em and put em on your cloud.

Maybe I can dig up my old hard drive and get my old music back.

It just pisses me off...that I have partial albums with songs missing. Ok, go buy and download the missing ones.

But then when I select the album, it's not meta-data'd with that album, it's on a separate one.

Just Fing annoying

Been running my small business lately, haven't had time to be on here much. As my psychologis used to say, what set of problems do you wanna live with.

Before it was too much time, anxiety from not learning much and not building much of anything.

Now it's not enough time, anxiety from learning too much and having to many things to do.

Yes I'm posting at 330a bc I worked until 230

Watching old Sports Show with Norm McDonald...

Sheesh he's hilarious. That show caught the end of pre pc era

I posted a few weeks ago that I'm going out on my own.

Now out on my own (sorta, still busy w prev position, plus they're keeping me on as consultant w about half salary, health insurance, and full freedom).

Goin well so far, staying pretty busy. So much stuff to do to old and new houses. Haven't even started making the big bucks w an specialty yet (decks, baths, kitchens, etc).

Got a good guy I'm working in tandem w who's workaholic.

Back just needs to hold up.

Change my mind: Transsexual normalization (the antithesis of the archetypal male/female ying/yang) is merely the straw man by which society has been manipulated towards; the eventual synthesis of the transhumanist movement, hybrid humanoids and cybernetic organisms. This is why the normalization is so hyper concentrated in tech.

Great john kerry clip saying we need to get co2 out of the atmosphere.

I agree

If you live in the midwest, you know the average homeowner not in a field subdivision spends probably a week of time every year fighting the brutal power of nature

Leaf removal, picking up sticks, plumbing backups from roots hitting sewer lines, concrete fix from roots, fighting weeds, cutting trees, etc

Course all that contradicts their premise, but still

@Johncdvorak on auto cars touched on the problem with auto anything & communism (central decision making)

No system can account for individual desire at all points in time
To save driver v passnger changes not only with the person but at any given pt in time
There are zillions of data pts & points in time
Communism: Desire for a water bottle can change from $5 to $1 in an instant, & that's if you even know what that value is at any given point. No system could ever account for all that data

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