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A Karen is what we used to call a churchlady. She tries telling everyone how to live their lives.

A Karen is not the opposite. She's not the person telling others to stop trying to run her life.

There are crazies at both ends, but Karen has a definition. The former, not latter

Crowder good interview with AJ just posted.

Pretty good. I watched on The Blaze, but here's much of it on YouTube

What bout this response to liberal reg RvW
Meh, idk kinda indifferent to it

I mean I get the unborn baby aspect to it, but mostly if it was my son/daughter/niece/nephew/friend's kid. I care a lot about those around me, including their unborn children.

If it's just some random poor person I'll never meet, meh, jab em in the brain and flush em down
What I find interesting is that this is the exactly thoughts of most pro choicers

...and, not gonna lie I'm not far from it, though not there

So I'm hanging out with younger people

Who owns breeze smoke? These flavors are completely geared toward younger.... Sweet flavors...

And the vape thing is why I started listening to no agenda

Any thoughts


Apparently the Gavin arrest is a prank, according to Owen Benjamin via Gab.

Who knows. I've been assuming it's a prank since Friday.

Anybody have anything on the Gavin McInnes arrest

The last comment probably applies to most industries and many departments...

"There is no such joy in the tavern as upon the road thereto."
Cormac McCarthy

The Las Vegas Raiders are renaming...

Considering names such as the Las Vegas Searchers

Sister just shared this with me... Might be worth reporting on

Illinois hospital system to pay $10.3 million in settlement with workers over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

The pre order GrubHub menufy etc stuff is not without cost.

The local coffee bagel sandwich place by my house is so incredibly slow when you go in and place an order...and it's in part because the kitchen has to make all these pickup and delivery orders.

There is a cost to it. The cost is on the in restaurant order and dining experience.

Grew up listening to kid rock. From pretty near where he grew up. Seen him a few times live. Lost all respect.

In Micheal malice, (who I love) The New Right, he uses the phrase " fortuitous coincidence"

Which I believe to be redundant

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