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Meanwhile in a nearby grocery store not too far from the Planet Fitness I quit yesterday there was a anti-mask protest. Here in the Heart of it All, we are getting really tired of the brainwashed masses and the jackasses who are trying to control us.

Hey dude from Sylvannia, OH...that push to impeach DeWine isn't going anywhere. The GOP in Cbus is a wreck after the First Energy scandal. They are all feckless.

I guess I need to dig further back into the archives. I've never heard the Atlas Shrugged before

Oh yeah, who is the guy who rebuilt the new NA website? It's a YUUUUGE improvement. Hats off to you...whoever and wherever you are.

"People in authority lie."

~ Robert Kennedy Jr.

Yeah! Go RFK Jr.!!!

If only our elected pols had the courage to stand with him.

says stay away from swimming pools. What's funny is that the CDC guidelines say swimming pools and hot tubs are safe because of all the Chlorine. Hey Fauchee, chlorine kills germs. One doesn't need to be a "scientist" errr... I meant stupid bureaucrat to understand that.

I quit my membership to Planet Fitness last night after the front desk attendant harassed me as I had legit forgotten my mask, and thus didn't have one to wear through the lobby. For those who don't go there, you only have to wear the mask in the lobby area. Hostile and belligerent Planet Fitness employees chill out.

Its ridiculous that every time someone shows up with, or displays a thin blue line flag that it has to be judged based on whether it was done for "racial" reasons.

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