Listening to the first part of the show today I felt a bit sad for @adam for his frustration and how he expressed it about the trolls, lab techs etc....for not speaking out. I mulled over my own actions to shut down my Facebook account.

The more I listened to the show the more pissed off I got.


That includes all the extremists on the left and the right who want to control us.

@sparky @adam I felt the same. I don't know where to start. Messaging is too strong and there is a lot of sheeps out there.

@rahmat @sparky @adam

It's tough to be non-confrontational. A "true-believer" sees your unmasked face as a personal attack on themselves, even before a word can be uttered.

I've been met with, "They can shut us down if you come in here without a mask." ("They" presumably means the county health dept. or the governor.) What's a good response to that? From the business-owner's point of view, I'm threatening their livelihood.

@sparky @adam Step 1: STOP WEARING THE MASKS! Refuse to comply, EVER. I have not worn a mask even once during this whole thing. Show others it can be done. If people confront you, educate them as kindly and politely as possible. Step 2: Find and get together with others who refuse to comply, support and help each other. There are many ways. Step 3: SPEAK OUT to anyone and everyone, be as kind as you can be, but speak the truth (if this risks your job, maybe it's time to try to go independent).

@sparky @adam But how do you do that? Re elect PT for starters?

@sparky @adam you are almost right, sparky. Speaking out isn’t enough. Voting is not enough. You must evangelize, you need to talk to your friends and neighbors to get them to talk to their friends and neighbors about voting for those committed to draining the swamp. Changing your Twitter icon won’t get it done. Vote early if you can where you live. It’s not too late.

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