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Curious if the fact checkers, Snopes of the world can be held liable for making claims that vaccines are safe? If you post on social media and the "fact checkers" say you're wrong, that vaccines are safe, then you become harmed, can you go after them? They are arbiters of "truth" and back corporations claims of safety.

Has this already been posted and discussed?

It's a very uplifting film about the future of Covid and the lockdowns.

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That presser started off very limp-dicked but ended halfway ok... Could have used higher energy. Could have used a few suckerpunch answers to the press at the end.

The press is so insufferable tho. The last audible question shouted was "Mr. President are you being a sore loser?"

Turn the fucking credentialed press OFF. They 100% are your enemy. I know I'm choir-preaching on that particular point but still bears repeating.

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So if this is true, why has the Seedman removed it from INFO WARS HEADLINE. It would make Drudges Blue Dress Story look like a Joke.
A Huge Scoop. Steve Pieczenik declared that the 2020 election was set up by Trump's people as a "sophisticated sting operation" to trap the Democrats and the Biden crime family in irrefutable criminal fraud

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I’m terribly sad that there are 68,000,000 people who could vote for a bumbling, incoherent, crook who fondles children. I’m not hopeful in trusting the plan anymore.

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@Anthropomorphize That’s the thing, we are fighting a losing battle because those 68M people arrant listening and won’t listen because they are pummeled with fear porn 24/7. There is no stronger persuasion tool than fear

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“When you take away the celebrity and the fashion and the music and the gossip and all these industries that mainly surround media, you’re left with an empty shell of self-congratulatory douchebags that nobody gives a crap about!" — @adam 1280

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Hot takes so far are:

1) drumph will win legal challenges then 4 more years of unrest
2) biden stole it i can't believe it o well fuck it
3) both sides bad who cares o well fuck it
4) x won but I wanted y, woe is me woe is us let's wallow in miserable dystopia

Haha fuck all that. Fat lady ain't even warmed up yet, if you ain't willing to get weird then be willing to get quiet.

The hot take you go with today is the first block of the reality you're building to live in tomorrow.

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Plus giving up is for faggots and retards.

And I'm not talking about giving up on Drumphy. I'm talking about giving up on the God damn republic, the constitution, the concept of Liberty itself.

The only reason we have a country right now is a bunch of lunatics refused to accept any other reality.

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@sparky This was 1:30pm, no protests.

I went down to view the salvaging (or removal forever) of the Teddy Roosevelt statue.

The harassing dudes were just hanging around, not protesting.

I suppose when doing illegal stuff, it becomes a habit, fearing cameras.

Also, roaches don't like light.

Listening to the first part of the show today I felt a bit sad for @adam for his frustration and how he expressed it about the trolls, lab techs etc....for not speaking out. I mulled over my own actions to shut down my Facebook account.

The more I listened to the show the more pissed off I got.


That includes all the extremists on the left and the right who want to control us.

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The KKK is not an organization, it's just an idea. Just like the brown shirts in Portland that yelled at me because they thought I was filming.

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Walked into Walmart no masks no cares, nobody said peep but nobody else was maskless. Still gonna be that guy.

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