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Guys, I totally botched the date. It was Saturday, September 18, not the 20.

Attended the SummerDance music festival at Nelson's Ledges over the Labor Day weekend. Great time and Lotus played three nights in a row.

About 6,000 people camped out and I counted a total of 5 people wearing masks. No stupid fascists signs warning of virus bullshit.

No social distancing. Not one mention of Covid911, vax etc....For a place packed to the gills will weirdos, massive drinking and drugs it really felt like normal. The irony was not lost by many who attended.

But I'm still pissed and sick the really really stupid people.

So if you get vaxxed like a good slave, you go attend a concert, game or whatever and STILL BE DRIPPING PUS AND GERM AND SICK STICKY GOOP from your body and they will let you in. Just make Sure you have the vax! In reality, you could have Ebola and bleeding from your ass and they wouldn't care as long as you had their fucking Nazi paperwork.

House of Blues got back to me and said Thievery Corporation is not requiring proof of the Nazi vax card or test. Apparently it is up to the band/artist. Glad they aren't as otherwise all the music they wrote about 9/11 and fear mongering would seem a tad hypocritical.

We spent good money on tickets for the Dead and Thievery Corporation at venues in Cleveland. Both venues recently announced you either show your Nazi vaccine card or proof of a negative test. These assholes can go FUCK THEMSELVES!

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The debate needs to be framed differently and point out the discrimination.

When you consider the fact that 62% of African-Americans in the USA are unvaccinated, vaccine passports are racism. But you won't hear a peep about this from anybody in the white fragility camp. The exact same politicians who pay the most lip service to "anti-racism" are intent on making the majority of African-Americans second class citizens unless and until they enroll in their Tuskegee-19 experiment.

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I firmly believe vaccine passports are medical discrimination and no different than racism.

I see no problem with comparing supporters of vaccine "passports" to the KKK and Nazis. I'm throwing this out into the ether to see what people think. It's time we stand up for our medical freedom of choice and I'm not afraid to call people Nazi-like when they push this crap.

Any suggestions to making this a working framework of refuting the authoritarians would be helpful.


Covidians.com is already taken. I enjoy calling those fascist, brainwashed schmucks Covidians. Much to my surprise last night watching the movie Ted and smoking dope that this flashed on the screen. Had to rewind and shoot a quick pic of it.

A little morning truth antidote to the typical crappy music out there.
Warning, it may trigger you. It's called "Snowflakes."


This is one of those articles where we're all like "duh, we already know this stuff." But consider it a refresher course, or perhaps use it as something to share to those that aren't deeply brainwashed. This article could be a rinse for their brain.


It is VERY good that Adam keeps referring to the brainwashing of the public by the media. It is nothing less than brainwashing and it's time everyone use those words.

The clip they are playing right now from the nurse from Broward County is a couple of months old. Not sure where I heard it, but it's been around for a while.

Omg....John and Adam are on a roll this morning. They are making me laugh my ass off. Love the humor!!!

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