Trump university wasn't any more of a scam than my four year theatre degree

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If you don't identify as a nigger you shouldn't be able to use the word. Same with retard and cunt.

Of course I'm a nigger retard cunt online so I'm good

The Wall is just Supertramp Crime of the Century with better synthesizers

Sweet Jesus please let me win the lottery so I can stop wishing my mom to die to pay off my mortgage

Now that Better Call Saul has finally been put to rest, maybe AMC will convince Gilligan to bring back the Breaking Bad cast as zombies- Breaking Dead? A cooking show- Baking Bread? Other suggestions?

Watching the Everest movie, everyone dying on the summit. Keep saying to myself 'that looks like such fun'

Sorry guys. I know I'll be blocked by a few more of you for pointing this out. I work in seniors care. I have for a decade. Everyone here staff and residents has the clot shot. There has been zero uptick in deaths among residents and zero dead health care providers. I also know many other managers across multiple sites and companies and nothing. Nyet. You like crackpots anecdotal stories, well here's one from the other side

I ride a skytrain (above ground subway that sometimes goes underground). I like looking at the faces of all the people on their phones when they collectively lose reception. Momentary daze and then they just go back to their dead phone and wait

For NAS runners: I started doing a mantra that surprisingly helps my pace. Kip-cho-ghi Kip-cho-ghi. Every little bit helps right?

You ever find your job too easy, can't find a road to advancement, and quit? Me. Always. I just can't sit at a desk doing nothing. They either make things harder or I'm Audi 5000 as chunk ugar said

Yo, gitmo. I know there's a few Scott Adams listeners here. Anyone ever see one of these? I bought it about 2 years ago, he did some kind of fundraiser for some cause and I bought the mug. I can't find another example of it online. I don't even think he remembers because he's talking about doing an official mug now with no mention of this

I been watching cop videos on YouTube. This dude says it's his job to patrol the comment section. Odd thing to admit

I don't get discretionary inflation. I mean we were looking for a place for the long weekend, something cheap to get away. Suddenly all the $69 hotels are gone and you can't find anything under $120 a night. Same with airbnb but minimum $150. Do they really think I'm going to drop five bills before I even step out the door?

This will not end well for them. The suckers who pay now won't pay next time, and I won't even pay now.

I went to see Louis CK last night. He was my hero and I saw a lot of my feelings and values reflected in him.
I can't think of another single experience which has aged me so much. I look at this guy a year younger than me, talk about making it with chicks, talking about jerking off (after that destroyed his career), talking about petty superficial things, and today I feel every day of my age.
If I were him...I might kill myself

I haven't listened to the show yet and am hearing about the great purge. Without NAS the internet would be a wasteland. It's the only social platform I use. I go to breitbart or gateway pundit just to confirm what I see here. This isn't a plea, just an existential realization

Is it ok to like Tom Waits again? Have the Melvins sufficiently retreated?

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