Why does Trump push the vaccine?

A) Narcissistic pride in warp speed
B) He's the same as the rest of the elite
C) He actually believes its the best choice

His 4D chess play is he's planned opposition and part of the problem, F him too!
@john @someGuyNick

@MrMaxPowers247 @john ahh okay. I guess I thats what I was trying to get at with option B - "part of the problem". Your wording is better 👍

I agree with a lot of what he did but he also did a lot of things that were blatantly wrong. I never trusted him but cheered for him. Stand down to the proud boys was where I knew for sure he's "part of the problem". Also he never got rid of Fauci. He's the bad guy wrestler actor he's played before. The role was perfect for him
@someGuyNick @john

@someGuyNick A and B are very similar. I think B implies A. I do think hes more RINO in the sense that you have the freedom to choose but go ahead and get it. I think he knows how detrimental it would be to get pharma against him.

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