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Okay, this is insane. A little project:

On Amazon Prime, queue up the Movie "Paycheck". Go to 1:23:45. Watch a minute or two. Then post your comments.

Oh, I'm feeling so thick headed: There may be food shortages this year due to the lack of sufficient fertilizer.

They're going to blame it in Climate Change!

Finally got it listening to the opening sentences of this Tony Heller post:

Name a classic that doesn’t need to be re-made. We’ll go first…


Nothing says "fascism" like cutting the power of the central government executive to act without consent of the people.

Just listened to a poet from Indonesia. He read a poem about 9/11 and our departure from Afghanistan. It was a very interesting perspective. One of the lines that got attention:

“Sometimes the lens of red, white and blue is blurry”

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