California to Ban Sales of New Gas-Powered Cars Starting in 2035 - WSJ [Classic “juicer” bill.]

Is the Ford F-150 Partially Responsible For the Retirement Crisis?

Azure now installs security updates on Windows VMs automatically [Does it reboot them?]

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Posted the home page on github here:

You web design guys have fun making it beautiful. 😃

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Image resizing:

I've posted working example code of how this would work in a new repository here: (

I have a minio server running at serving the content. Give me feedback on this if you can. We already had existing image resize and object storage code in FC that I was able to airdrop in.

Other trusted parties could also rclone our minio server and run a copy themselves for failover and load distribution. Very cacheable.

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We're building out the API docs on Github and the official docs are now living there. Got a good group over there making this happen.

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I’m growing pretty tired of the “your use case is unusual, so fuck you” argument.

-- sildur @ HN

Think I got it figured out. Socket timeout isn't an option request setup. You have to catch the "socket" event and set it manually in that. [sigh]

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Node.js request module is a broken pile of crap. No matter what I do I get a million ESOCKETTIMEDOUT failures per feed puller run. I’ve exhausted the documentation and google. I’m about to have to go rip stuff out and start replacing.

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Hands down the best feature of the iOS 14 beta. Just swipe it away...

Cloudflare: Analysis of Today's CenturyLink/Level3 Outage

“ipfs:” protocol handler supported in chromium now. 😊

JPMorgan Chase in talks to offer banking services at USPS locations: “One source said JPMorgan may lease space from the Postal Service, which would serve the dual purposes of providing revenue to the ailing agency.”

FDA Emergency Approval of Blood Plasma Treatment for Covid-19 Now on Hold: “Government health leaders including Dr. Francis S. Collins and Dr. Anthony S. Fauci urged caution last week.” [Of course they did. 🤫]

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