“Unreliable and harmful claims”: This website has been demonetized by Google « Roy Spencer, PhD [This is no longer about The Science™. It's religion. Even if you agree, you might not agree enough.] sobr.org/hPR

Mempool is a ghost town right now. A block with 33 transactions.

I never heard natural immunity from prior infection come up even once in the supreme court oral arguments. Disappointing.

Justice Sotomayor just said that Omicron has put 100,000 kids in the hospital. Lol. These people are so dumb.

Walmart, Kroger Raise Prices of Covid-19 Test Kits [👀] sobr.org/hOC

Kali Linux 2021.4 released with 9 new tools, further Apple M1 support sobr.org/hMj

These dudes are a local Birmingham, AL group that teach kids how to do spoken word/hip hop at our local community center. They're the rare, real deal selfless good guys.



NY Times: US Hid True Toll of Air Wars; Thousands of Dead Civilians, Many of Them Children [Reminder: Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.] sobr.org/hLV

Catching up on NA today. This clip is a total whipsaw:


She starts with how omicron is spreading fast and can evade the vaccine. And then she goes straight into how so many sports teams have vaccinated players that are infected. But they never say that the players have Omicron. They just smush the two stories together so that it sounds like its omicron evading the vaccine on sports teams instead of the vaccines just failing.

“Biden admin eyes a potentially stark shift in messaging around ending the pandemic” [I’m not a smart guy, but how can something be “potentially stark”?] sobr.org/hL5

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This is the canonical BBQ sauce for the collard greens recipe, but you can sub if you're poor:

Ouch: Ransomware attack on Kronos could disrupt how companies pay, manage employees for weeks. [sigh] sobr.org/hJJ

I guess we see what happens when all pretense of fairness is dropped. It was never about “misinformation”. No wonder Jack left. sobr.org/hIz

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Friday nights are for balancing ⚡️ channels - God Bless the command line

Expanding our private information policy to include media: "this update will allow us to take action on media that is shared without any explicit abusive content, provided it’s posted without the consent of the person depicted." [This is targeted at groups like Veritas.] sobr.org/hGP

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