United States: Tax-Equity Market Eagerly Awaiting Carbon Sequestration Guidance: “...hundreds of millions of dollars in investments sitting on the sidelines.” sobr.org/fTP

Merwede is a new biking, walking-focused neighborhood in Utrecht [Central planning? That always goes well.] sobr.org/fSR

Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data [Avast is _free_. This should not be a shock. My favorite part is Google removed the Avast Chrome extension, but still bought the data it collected.] sobr.org/fSI

ECB to launch review that will redefine its mission and tools under Lagarde. “Climate Change - just what every central bank should focus on.” sobr.org/fSH

New US Bill Wants to Assign Cybersecurity Coordinators to Each State sobr.org/fSy

Woman of 24 found to have no cerebellum in her brain. [“Plasticity”? Maybe. Or maybe brains don’t work how we think they do. The poor track record of fMRI comes to mind.] sobr.org/fRO

'Pretty much everybody prosecuted gets convicted:' Carlos Ghosn exposes Japan to new scrutiny. [Interesting] sobr.org/fRM

U.S. Cancer Death Rate Drops by Largest Amount on Record - WSJ sobr.org/fRB

Idaho Republican Party Passes Antiwar Resolutions: "We’re not going away, our voice is only going to grow louder and stronger, and soon it’ll be heard in state capitals all across the country" sobr.org/fRx

IRS adds specific crypto question to 2019 tax form: “ 2020 will see at least one tax evasion case of a high-profile early adopter.” sobr.org/fRv

Ukrainian airliner (737) crashes in Iran, killing all aboard (176 people) sobr.org/fRu

Nothing like a good ol' pew pew map. I have no idea what this thing is trying to show me. threatmap.fortiguard.com/

Borden Becomes Second Big U.S. Milk Producer to File for Bankruptcy: “Conventional milk producers have struggled amid rising milk prices and competition from almond, rice and soy milk.” sobr.org/fRb

Another day, another celeb doing the one-eye thing. This is dumb. The article is titled: "For Beyonce, Creativity is the Ultimate Power". Creativity is only powerful when you're rich. sobr.org/fQd

Bill Introduced To End Draft Registration: “we are closer to ending draft registration than at any time since...the Selective Service System was reinstated in 1980.” sobr.org/fQ6

When you’re about to get cranked up fighting with your spouse, remember... sobr.org/fQ5

StockX CEO Scott Cutler: “There’s also the prospect of synthetic investment products [derivatives] based on the price of sneakers...where the underlying assets don’t change hands” [Sneaker derivatives. Tulip mania 17.0] sobr.org/fPG

FCA investigates HFT access to Bank of England meeting audio feed: “We have identified that an audio feed of certain Bank press conferences...has been misused...to supply services to other external clients” sobr.org/fPz

Boris Johnson and ministers to boycott Davos: “...can make a case to ‘inward investors into the UK more efficiently’”. [“inward” as a verb? The Silicon Valley everything-can-be-a-verb crap is off the rails.] sobr.org/fPm

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