"Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who is vaccinated against Covid-19, tested positive for the virus on Tuesday morning."

Oh, he must have cancer.

This truck still runs and drives after 63 years. Do we really think that new, plasticy battery cars will last even half that long? sobr.org/hwZ

The Courier-Mail: If you are fully vaccinated against Covid the next step to improve your immunity may be to actually catch the virus. [There is no more narrative. They're just making it up as they go along. Lol.] sobr.org/hvS

Alabama school district warns of food shortages, asks for parent help after deliveries fail. [The labor shortage is real. Nobody wants to do these critical infrastructure jobs at this pay level.] sobr.org/hv5

Scott Horton destroyed Bill Kristol in this debate. It's almost cringe inducing. sobr.org/huz

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Hey guys, you have no idea what this community means to me right now. Y’all are awesome with your small amygdalae and grasp on reality. May the goat karma flow through you all!

Half a trillion dollar debt limit increase only buys you an extra 2 months. The economy is so screwed.

Does a screenshot exist anywhere of a social media company "fact check" tagging a post that is negative toward a Republican? It may have happened lots of times. I've just never seen such a unicorn in the wild.

Is anyone mirroring archive.noagendanotes.com full structure, meaning all linked shows and media files?

Couple Battling Breakthrough COVID Kick Out Unvaccinated Home Care Nurse. [There literally is no coherent plot anymore. My brain hurts.] sobr.org/hsK

Follow the Science™ == Listening to God. Sounds reasonable. 😳 sobr.org/hrv

The 1905 Jacobson vs. Massachusetts Supreme Court verdict is being cited as precedent for enforcing vaccine mandates. Do we really want to take public health law precedent from the same justices who thought forced sterilization of minorities was constitutional?

So many people are going to get a nasty surprise in April of next year when they realize that the child tax credit advance payments means they now owe money on their federal taxes. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Got 2 hens laying eggs now. I think the third chicken is a hen as well but we’ll see. Nature is a miracle. sobr.org/hoP

Microsoft fixes critical bugs in secretly installed Azure Linux app. "With a single packet, an attacker can become root on a remote machine by simply removing the authentication header. It’s that simple." 😳 sobr.org/hoH

Here's another study showing previous infection/recovery is more durable against infection than the vaccine. Yet, my wife (vaccinated) doesn't have to get tested to enter venues but I (recovered) do. sobr.org/hoD

UK - Journalists could face 14 years in prison for publishing leaks: “We will introduce new legislation… however, this will be balanced to protect press freedom…” [Look, trust us. Just give us all the powers to put you in jail and we promise we won’t do it ok?] sobr.org/hnO

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