Brookline, MA bans gas hookups on new houses: but “...the region’s electricity grid relies mainly on natural gas.” [So, you must use electricity, not gas. But the electricity will be generated by natural gas. 🤪]

Chevron to Take $11 Billion Writedown Amid Weak Gas Prices: “ U.S. natural gas futures prices have slumped this year amid a supply glut... If it finishes the year at that level, it’ll be the lowest since 1999.”

11,000 Scientists? Just Kidding [The video is patronizing and could have been like 2 minutes instead of 22, but kudos to him for actually reading the source material.]

Animated No Agenda - A No Agenda Christmas Album - YouTube [LOL the shownotes. You're killin' me Jennifer.]

YouTube's Top 100 Most Subscribed 2010 vs 2019 [Its all just television now.]

Any Asterisk/FreePBX gurus around? I have what's probably a fairly simple question, but I'm a total novice.

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Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of the node_modules directory listing for her first Hello World react app

Firefox 71 “...allows websites to enable their videos to be watched in a floating overlay window that is always on top of all other open windows.” [Why would anyone want this?!]

Eat Real Food – Avoid Eating the Impossible Burger: “Unlike the manufacturers of the Impossible Burger, which is a carbon emitter, properly managed cattle farms create a net carbon loss...”

Thurrott: Frustrating changes to the Win10 version 1909 installation experience

HP Warns That Some SSD Drives Will Fail at 32,768 Hours of Use [😳]

”Trump isn’t sparing future Eddie Gallaghers their punishments. He’s just robbing them of their rightful day in court.” [It’s as if someone made one of those shady SEO guys the president. Every decision is marketing.]

Charlamagne tha God addresses black voters considering Trump: “Financial freedom is definitely our only hope. But we also have to remember that we’re black at the end of the day.” [Says the millionaire.]

Google Accused of Creating Spy Tool to Monitor Employees Browser Use [From October. Guess I missed this story last month. Read the whole thing. It’s quite interesting.]

Auburn Football - Top 50 Rod Bramblett Calls [VIDEO]

Brian Kantor, Internet and AMPRNet Pioneer, WB6CYT, SK, Dies

4/17/19 - Are Indian-American Voters Ready to Embrace Kamala Harris? "Indian-Americans are also among the most affluent voters in the country, making them a powerful potential donor base." [Guess I missed this earlier. Every angle.]

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Looks like bitcoin is on sale for Black Friday too.

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