Based on the FoMoCo part number stamped into this rear main seal, it’s original to the truck. It’s 57 years old. The leak was minor. Amazing.

Man, this pilot bushing puller is way better than a slide hammer.

This throwout bearing is absolutely wrecked. When I removed the bell housing bearing balls went everywhere. The friction plate was also smooth as a baby’s butt. Flywheel wasn’t too bad but I ordered a new one anyway.

The Secrets of Covid ‘Brain Fog’ Are Starting to Lift [Jared Younger and others have been studying microglia as a CFS factor for many years. This is not new research and has yielded nothing so far. Sigh.]

A Gas Exchange Disease? Huge CDC Exercise Study Puts New Slant on ME/CFS: “ Ultimately, though, Cook appeared to put his money on mitochondria problems - leaving him in a similar place to the other exercise physiologists who have studied ME/CFS.”

Father’s Day means getting to work on my truck all day. New parking brake cables installed. The parking brake works now!

The Fed predicts 3 years of rising unemployment as it hikes rates [These people have no idea what they are doing. In medical terms they are using leeches and ether to combat cancer.]

This whole "Google's AI is so smart it even convinced our engineer it was human and he lost his marbles" thing just reeks of a covert advertising campaign.

Twitter censors Eli Klein [This is what a real fact check looks like. This is not what social media, or the “fact checker” non-profits do.]

"[The FEC] fined Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign $8,000... for obscuring their funding of the "Steele dossier," a 2016 opposition research report that sought to highlight alleged links between Donald Trump and Russia." [Seems fair. 🙄]

Dozens of COVID passport apps put user's privacy at risk. [Hard coded AWS credentials? Really?!]

"The cons seem to outweigh the pros in the event of global cooling caused by even a small nuclear war." [Yes, they seem to. 😨 Umm... evil much?]

The Great International Convoy Fiasco: “You don’t have to agree with people, just find a way to look at them without betraying your profound regret they were ever born.”

IRS backlog hits nearly 24 million returns, further imperiling the 2022 tax filing season: “…the IRS is considering suspending tax collections and excusing some penalty enforcement.”

NBC has to stop with the whole "Guess what, your family is on a zoom call with you right now on live TV! What do you want to say to them?" thing when someone wins a medal. It's cringy af.

One phrase you will never hear in downtown Ottowa again: "silence if violence." 😉

Amazon had a record quarter with $137 billion and they are raising Prime subscription price by $20.

Microsoft had a profit record at $18.8 billion in the quarter and has $125 billion on cash and yet they are raising their software licensing prices by 20% across the board.

Big tech disgusts me.

Sweden decides against recommending COVID vaccines for kids aged 5-12 "...arguing that the benefits did not outweigh the risks." [Risks? Wha? I didn't think there were any.]

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