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Piss poor as an introductory conversational gambit, but iYam's in desperation mode. Stockton's too cheap to pay for a proper eueish scapegoating, and my dog and I are being harassed. Adam was gracious enough to jingle some karma at me. If there's a legal eagle, or paralegal who can help with a state labor board complaint turned civil case, I'd like help in keeping a promise made here:

A 90° alright angle triangle is also significant in mk ultra mind control programming.

John and Adam must have been multi-tasking, but they missed "Mayor Poop Budajudge" come out of Judy/NPR last episode fast forward or jump to:

Episode 1181


That right triangle is analog for Osiris, Isis, Horus and crucial in the death star alignment for these things they call nuclear bombs.

Look, famblies juss throw away they children sometimes like trash on dee steetz. Peace out, don't start shite wit yo mama, an don't chew ever go rooting round in somebody garbage cain; wink wink Nod Nod.😎

But, yeah, that's why there are so many homeless. Go check out Mary Ellen Mark's Streetwise, I once had the VHS.

I'm nothing like the homeless that John or Adam talk about. Dr Drew, guru who diagnosed Hillbillary's Kuru, sans a clue when it comes to voluntarily living on the street. I hate it. I have no drug addiction liabilities. Cannabis is not a drug, she is the tree of life.

I'm not an incel either. I have no choice but to practice sexual discipline; the thought is embarrassing and gross at 46. This is why I'm in big trouble here; this place runs on sex and violence.


My sister is a Virgo like Adam. She got me my one and only trim job in Humboldt. Her friends taught me how to roll.

Ira Glass called for his friend Jonathan Goldstein; he wants his mother fikken 'opening conversational gambit' phrase back, punk!

Glass used to shame delinquent NPR donors kinda like the No Agenda 'douchebag' jingle.

Now NPR no longer exists.

So. Like, the fourth amendment was written for a circumstance just like mine, and all I hear are the crickets JCD responds with in lieu of deigning to dignify some of Adam's sparkly talk with a response. Kanye West has two things right on; resting biatch face and that we all go down together; Titanic sister ship style, Trump, trumpets and all.


The police (hired muscle for the elites) will take your guns just like they took mine. There's already red flag operations going on in California, that's why I'm begging for help with an escape:

iYam's frog-speak, cause of skromit outbreak, learnt it from Genghis Blues, Paul Peña. Sucka ass white ppl and their cultural appropriation, sheesh!

I got a 500 internal server error trying to upload it, probably b/c I'm posting too much emoji poop here, but, I wanted to ask, how's this for vocal fry?

The stigma of mental illness is the tactical objective of the left. The psycho-politics manual outlines a methodology using pseudo-science psychology to destroy political enemies. Political propaganda is being used by the media, et all, to make everyone looney tunes.

Some of these unhoused junkies are truly insane tho. Check out Dr Steven Jacobson's "Mind Control in America":

So much for JFK's works vs. faith, huh mom? There's a picture of John, Teddy, and Robert together looking good and John has his finger curling around in that little change pocket most jeans have stitched on the right side. Can't tell you how many times I have seen my mother doing that.

We had such a melancholy mother/child reunion. Irreconcilable differences. 🤐

Part of the reason iYam's in exile is for what I know. If one stops short of blood oath initiation, turns around uses illuminati secrets against them, then it's time to assassinate him Hiram Abiff (or JFK) style.

Kennedy was shot in the windpipe to say "thy speech offends", his head blown off with an explosive shellfish toxin dart to deny him the DMT trip out of here. See Bill Cooper's Porterville presentation, read The Spirit Molecule by Rick Straussman.

My mother was JFK's reincarnation.

I read the Soviet brainwashing manual; psycho-politics; my copiously highlighted copy was taken by the police along with my civil harassment case file w/ the seizure of my Scooby Doo van. Funnily enough, JCD bandied about 4th amendment errata about the same time...

To get back to my point; I'm not a political animal anymore, not that I ever was, & I don't believe diets are political. I wouldn't ever tell someone what to eat.

The stigma of mental illness is the tactical objective of the left.

Here's where occult science meets No Agenda Social. Mankind stole his ego from the animal kingdom. If u watched Lloyd Pye's "Everything u Know is Wrong" then u should have noted; there isn't a single human bone in the pre-human fossil record, the apes don't have our subcutaneous layer of fat, b/c our ancestral stock is Chewbacca hominoid/anunaki grey. This fat layer thing is Joseph's coat of many colors.

iYam's a vegan who recognizes wheat+sugar==candida albicans as a disease vector.

If someone wants to send me a constructed starter deck for my birthday, preferably a white weenie like Avacyn's Glory, I'm pretty much unstoppable at Magic the Gathering. The only problem is I have no tablet, laptop, and my Obama phone not smart enough for the Android app.

Weird how No Agenda themes and memes a parallel construction, mirror universe to my life.

Wonder if JCD has a horde of Beta and Arabian Nights cases hidden somewhere in his collection. Smart money.

Also, there is the native American prophecy about war in perpetuity if the children continue smoking. That's why I loved my made in Chinerz ez-vape (not for tobacco). You can just put budds in the whip, and bubble bag hash if you have some, and it was the best. I mostly prefer to cook with trees. iYam went from having an ounce per month to nothing. Cannabis is the real class warfare; have vs. have-nots bull crap. Here's my dreamy blue dream, Calaveras grown.

Today's my birthday. I'm 46. It occurred to me earlier that I should mention we live in the land of Nod, there's no such thing as a non-smoker; we're smothered in coal-fire soot by chem-trails, carbon monoxide from ground level. The black man who invented the combustion engine wanted to run it on peanut oil; he knew there would be blood; death from above as below. This whole shite-show is a pipe dream and these nasty lil demons run it, hash pipe in hand. They attack u if u stop smoking.

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