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As I read some of those articles, you can smell the mental illness oozing from the script. These people are seriously suffering. I cannot explain what they get out of being so woke. It's a life of unending outrage & misery of their own choice. It provides nothing but hatred.

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So I signed up for Medium to read a few stories. Yes, I'm aware it's a woke shithole, but the platform itself is interesting, and I might have a go at writing some things.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA how insufferably woke the recommended articles are. It's actually quite sad.

Found this great recipe for bat soup, but it doesn't say how many vials of corona virus I should use. Any ideas?

maybe China should stop eating bats and just try some Chinese food I recommend General Tso's Chicken

No-one emails John their complaints because they know it'll be eaten by Squirrelmail!

Whhhhhhhhhhy do people choose to take sh*tposting personally????

If your response to a sh*tpost is anything other than a chuckle, you're doing it wrong.

Plastic bag bans

> Virtually every single belief that informs these bans is based on misinformation; and as a result, bans on plastic carryout bags do more harm than good.

17 minutes audio, with complete script included.

I'm surprised that Britain doesn't TV-tax computers in order to keep funded lol

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