Just realized I hadn't posted a pic of the awesome new split keyboard I got on here yet. Was bloody expensive, but definitely worth it in my opinion. The Ergodox EZ is an excellent piece of hardware

It's essentially Siberia where I'm staying. At least I won't have to worry about snow melt on the slopes?

Finally got around to trying Lost Cause Meadery out and came home with this, a half dozen other meads, and three ciders. This weekend is going to be dangerous.

Scored some turkey feathers this weekend from when I helped with the slaughter/butchering/processing of 23 birds. Once I review myself on how to cure them, I'll be trying my hand at making some feather quill pens.

The black and white striped ones are flight feathers, and the others are tail feathers.


Company: posters and other warnings to never give out your password because phishing attacks

IT: please text your password to the person setting up your laptop

Me: reaction.gif


Welp, I succumbed to ordering a Coda EDC flute yesterday. It's a plastic inline ocarina that should make it much easier to get in practice without disturbing the wife at night, as it's designed for silencers that drastically reduce the volume while I'm still able to practice with normal breath. Looking forward to when it arrives!


Decided to get ambitious and try to complete a mission picking up someone from orbit. Sadly didn't work, but got the lander designed, at least. Landing struts are retracted for launch.

Thanks to asparagus staging, I have a basic design that can get my kerbals to the Mun and back with more than enough fuel for course corrections and getting into/out of orbit with all the fuel still in my top stage. Time to explore the second moon, Minmus, when I've built a lander

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