It's essentially Siberia where I'm staying. At least I won't have to worry about snow melt on the slopes?

@skypage During my first trip to Mammoth Mountain (Spring Break) we had 7' of snow. It took a day & half to get the rotary plow to my hotel so we could get back onto the mountain. We followed the lifties from chair to chair as they opened up the mountain. Great fun!

Another spring break - we had ice at the top of a run, great snow half way down, and slush near the bottom.

It's weather.

Yep, it's just rather comical considering the high on Saturday was 60° and yesterday's high was around mid to low 40s

@skypage I'm in Denver. The high yesterday tied the high temperature record for the day - 74 degrees. It's now 19 degrees and snowing. The low for tomorrow night is supposed to be -6 degrees.

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