For my fellow migraine sufferers:

Got reminded of this recently, so here's to hoping my self experimentation on migraine prevention can help others as well.

This will be a thread, so strap in!

I take a couple of supplements that have worked well for me. The first is magnesium, which I would take regardless of the migraine prevention angle, as most of us are deficient and don't realize it. For magnesium, you want the chelated stuff that's actually absorbable. Anything labeled with a TRAACS seal is going to be what you want. Check out studies on soil magnesium levels if you want to dig deeper on the nutritional angle.

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The second supplement I use for prevention is going to depend on whether Imitrex/Sumatriptan works for you to stop a migraine after it's started. It also will depend on if you're taking an SSRI or similar, so check with your doc if you're taking something like that. I'm a health hobbyist, not a doctor.

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Imitrex is a serotonin agonist, so it prompts the release and uptake of serotonin, which constricts the blood vessels and counteracts the vessel dilation that causes migraines. As such, I figured a little supplementation of 5-HTP would help me. 5-HTP is about as close as you can get to supplementing serotonin, as it's a precursor our bodies use to make their own.

Hope this helps others out there!

The biggest turnaround for migraine for me: stay hydrated. My migraine triggers are sleep deprivation, dehydration and stress. After increasing my fluid intake by maybe 400% my migraines have gone from 1-2 a week to 1-2 a year.

I get the full on blindness/numbness down one side/aphasia pseudostroke types so this was a big win for me.

I get the same type of migraines. At a previous employer, they installed these terrible LED lights that had horrendous glare that triggered my migraines. Really sucked to get one at the end of the day with an hour commute home because I couldn't drive safely. Never have been bad about hydration. I'm pretty sure I regularly drink a good gallon of fluids daily when I'm not doing anything that works up a sweat, even more when I do

@skypage @Sabex im not a doctor - Take 200mg Taurine, 100mg Magnesium, 100mg Potassium with 8oz water and migraine should be gone within an hour.

@skypage @Sabex oops,
Each of those doses is missing a zero. Should be 2000,1000,1000

@SirDHSlammer @Sabex
Never have heard of that combo for a migraine, but I'd be willing to try it when next one strikes if I get some potassium to keep on hand

@SirDHSlammer @Sabex
My usual improvised combo for a migraine if I don't have Imitrex is 2x extra strength Tylenol and a Starbucks double shot

@skypage @Sabex I came up with that while experimenting and assuming (based on experience) that 99% of migraines are a result of dehydration which causes electrolyte deficiency. I Binged 'electrolytes' and saw what OTC supplements contained them and worked on a ratio that was effective. Ive been using this recipe for about 15 years and it works for every migraine that is not spinal pinched nerve related.

@skypage @Sabex The Magnesium and Potassium are the most readily available OTC supplements and the Taurine helps more quickly transport them to where they are needed. The water is self explanatory - root cause of dehydration.

@skypage @Sabex My favorite part is that its not really a Pharma solution - its relatively natural remedy. I assume migraine is a result of a deficiency, so all you need to do is remedy the deficiency. Sort of like a muscle cramp.

Physiologically, they're from dilation of blood vessels in the area of the brain that causes the pain and other symptoms. Sadly, they run in my family genetically and I've had the beginnings of one from dehydration once in my life. The rest have nothing to do with dehydration, so unless you also get migraines that literally blind you and make you go numb on one side, I don't know whether that solution will help me.

@SirDHSlammer @Sabex
I'll certainly try it out to see if it manages to work next time I get one. Any recommendations on potassium sources? I've already got magnesium, but I think it's fine release, so I may need to grab something faster acting.

@skypage @Sabex any OTC supplement but i think Jarrow is a solid brand.

@Sabex @skypage I was also diagnosed with blood vessels in brain causing migraines so im somewhat skeptical of that diagnosis. Seems like old medical dogma.

@skypage @SirDHSlammer @Sabex

Low sodium salt can be a cheap and good potassium source. Typically low sodium salt has the sodium chloride partially replaced by potassium chloride. My homebrew rehydration drink uses half regular salt, half low sodium, I believe about 0.5 to 0.9% percent salt by weight, 3-4% each of glucose and maltodextrin, which have somewhat independent absorption rates.

@skypage @Sabex i have migraines that blind me. Electrolytes facilitate nervous system function. Blindness is optic nerve inhibition.

Again Im not a doctor but wouldnt it be great if this recipe works?

Like I said, I'll happily try it at least once.

As I mentioned already, Imitrex is the only thing I've used so far that can stop a migraine that's already started. As a serotonin agonist, it causes a flood of serotonin to the brain and constricts the blood vessels.

Nerve function requires electrolytes, but the brain ultimately interprets the received signal from the nerves. There's a reason migraines and strokes have scarily similar symptoms.

Don't forget about diet here. Get rid of the sugars, grains, and seed oils from your diet, and a lot of chronic conditions magically get much better.

Right before I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I was going through a period where I had migraines.

@SirDHSlammer @skypage @Sabex

One of the few foods I know is a migraine trigger for me is bananas, so beyond that, hard to say. I usually aim for as few carbs as possible, though I haven't gone full keto as far as I'm aware.
@SirDHSlammer @Sabex

Bananas, at least the ones we typically have in THE US, are insanely high in sugar. I'm sure there's a lot more to it.

@skypage @SirDHSlammer @Sabex

Entirely possible, but the only other things that have consistently been migraine inducers for me are bad glare from office lighting that's too bright and L-Arginine supplements
@SirDHSlammer @Sabex

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