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If you ever want to understand why the US Bill of Rights was written the way it was, you can derive all of the individual rights it guarantees from these axioms:

1. Everyone has a right to life (which could be thought of as property, itself. Your body is your property, no one else's)
2. Everyone has a right to property
3. Everyone can do what they wish with their own life or property so long as they do not damage someone else's property, life, or rights without consent.

Supreme Court rejects Sidney Powellโ€™s lawsuits challenging election results in Arizona, Wisconsin

Twitch had to delete the tweet shown in the left then forced to tweet an apology (right one) after users, including the rainbow's crowd, demanded it. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿฟ

So, if Dr. Seuss books/stories are now considered racist, does that make Jim Carrey a racist?

"open source" is no guarantee for anything unless

a) you personally inspect the source
b) you know for certain that the people who say it's safe are speaking the truth
normal people: demons are evil and invoking them is for satanists

IT people: i like spawning daemons and invoking things!

Today i have one year completed of unemployment. Terrible feeling. I make ends meet doing a bunch of unscrupulous things which isn't something to be proud. I used to be a fire alarm technician but since covid, I can't seem to catch anything. My last interview was for the FDNY in January, and still no answer and it's almost my bday, turning 38. Guessing I'll go back to school, don't know what to study tho. Maybe mathematics, just thinking out loud. Have a blessed day

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