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If you ever want to understand why the US Bill of Rights was written the way it was, you can derive all of the individual rights it guarantees from these axioms:

1. Everyone has a right to life (which could be thought of as property, itself. Your body is your property, no one else's)
2. Everyone has a right to property
3. Everyone can do what they wish with their own life or property so long as they do not damage someone else's property, life, or rights without consent.

I don’t know about churches but this type of shit definitely happens at AA meetings.

Here I thought everyone knew what Coyote meant, but I forget that most people are just... Not there.

Hotep (Jesus) been told you: Never trust a verified account // ‘coyote’

it's #fridey, so as ever it's #comfyclub movienight at 20:00 UTC at

was debating what to watch, but i think something sorta light might be nice, changed from what i thought i'd pick. at least, i'm not up for anything heavy

so it'll be "from up on poppy hill"
come watch, might be nice
if we were able to redo sRGB from the bottom up today, now that we're not using any analog displays anymore, it would probably use a log(x) encoding instead of an x^(1/2.2) encoding. human vision is essentially logarithmic. hard to pull off with analog circuits. easy to pull off digital circuits and a LUT.

i mean, in an even better world, we would be using linear HDR with 16 or 32 bits per channel and a wide colour gamut across the entire video ecosystem, but you know what i mean...
Plastic dinosaurs are made from oil... which is made from fossils of real
-DeviousLittleCupcake, May 2013

I like to imagine that Trump & Pence start a podcast for his next term as President. He does it just like Rogan & Jamie. Both with big headphones. When Biden lies, you just hear Trump go "Hey Mike, pull up that clip of Joe".

"The Presidential Experience" featuring the Pres and VP. The official Presidential Podcast. 3 days a week.

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