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If you ever want to understand why the US Bill of Rights was written the way it was, you can derive all of the individual rights it guarantees from these axioms:

1. Everyone has a right to life (which could be thought of as property, itself. Your body is your property, no one else's)
2. Everyone has a right to property
3. Everyone can do what they wish with their own life or property so long as they do not damage someone else's property, life, or rights without consent.

just about to get the covid vaccine why they warming it up in a spoon?

Congress set to pass bill to HIDE election security AUDIT RESULTS from the public on January 21st. First business DAY ONE!

"Exempting election security information from public records disclosure."

As I slowly claw my life back from Google services, email's going to be the most annoying part. Not because of my gigabytes of saved emails (read and unread) in Gmail but because there are other accounts on my domain that I've had grandfathered into Google Apps forever that I need to make sure that my relatives are not using.

Blue Collar Trash Champagne aka white wine from a box vs a Soda Stream machine

I wonder if this would work with a half decent white from a bottle ??

Is this a trick that @Johncdvorak could try on some dinner guests...if he were allowed any ???

How can they be the worlds largest streaming audio platform when I've never even heard of them? ๐Ÿ™„

This is not to say that all who are de-platformed are the same as Martin Luther King.

But many don't realize just how unpopular King was in his own era.

You can't cast a net that catches only "bad" anti-establishment views without catching some who would advance justice.

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In his era, Martin Luther King was subversive and a threat to the establishment.

The FBI thought he was a terrorist.

In other words, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube would have banned him if they existed in the 1960s.

#MLKDay #MLKDay2021

This report is fascinating even for the non-IT literate farm dame.
Is this what people call this โ€œfinding a smoking gunโ€?

Next door neighbors that recently moved in have been regularly playing their music too loud with the bass throbbing through the wall. Jokingly suggested to get in some ocarina practice as a response, and now my wife has decided it's a great way to time my practice, and she expects skills to get a lot better while we have these neighbors ๐Ÿ˜‚

@dude @amerika @p I do agree the antifa thing is crap. There was one BLM guy arrested there, but there are other accounts of reporters I trust saying it was many of the same people they've seen at other Trump rallies. Most of them were QTard morons. I agree with you there.

At the same time, part of this lies directly with the courts. Texas and six other states brought a suit and SCOTUS dismissed it with three sentences. THREE SENTENCES! I agree standing was always going to be an issue (Can Tennessee sue Oregon for not enforcing marijuana laws?) but in this instance I do think they had a prima fascia case against voter dilution and for equal protection.

But the courts either dismissed cases on standing, laches or in Wisconsin, they claimed standing but rules on mootness without any testimony.

People feel like their courts have failed them. The people who went to the Capitol on the 6th (not the ones who went inside, but the ones who just showed up) they just wanted to be HEARD! Now many are on no fly lists and some have even lost their jobs.

I'm personally moving to a coastal area in a red state pretty soon. More than anything I want to get away from the cities and people. I don't see any of this getting better.
@dude @Moon @Bajax

> It should also be a wake-up call for people as to just how exposed so many are due to their online footprint.

Bush's warrantless wiretapping wake-up call: "Make the government promise to stop doing that!"

Snowden data dump wake-up call: "Make the government promise to stop doing that!"

...I'm not as hopeful as you.
@dude @Bajax @p the reason the parler data project works so well is that parler fucked up and leaked all their videos and didn't scrub location data. it's cool and informative but this type of thing can't be easily replicated using facebook/twitter which ordinary people use for other events. So the result is this particular event is getting a level of scrutiny that past and future events aren't going to get. More data is good for understanding the riot/insurrection in particular but i'm worried it's going to be used to create broader narratives that are like "the drunk looking for his keys under the streetlight because that's where the light is."
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