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If you ever want to understand why the US Bill of Rights was written the way it was, you can derive all of the individual rights it guarantees from these axioms:

1. Everyone has a right to life (which could be thought of as property, itself. Your body is your property, no one else's)
2. Everyone has a right to property
3. Everyone can do what they wish with their own life or property so long as they do not damage someone else's property, life, or rights without consent.

Um, I have a phobia of being shot/stabbed/impaled/killed. If you truly care about , you'd change all video games to accommodate me.

Or else you are RACISSSSSSSSS!
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The absolute state of things. 😑

Given the scenario of a grocery store with the one way arrows on the ground. A person yells at the person not following the arrows. Which of those two people is the "Karen"?

having a gutter mind is called “å tenke koffert” in norwegian - literally “to think suitcase”

reason: koffert, suitcase, is slang for female genitalia

Everyone asks 'what's the coefficient of the parabola, but nobody asks HOW is the coefficient of the parabola.
BLM Chicago "looting is reparations" lol good luck with your movement
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