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If you ever want to understand why the US Bill of Rights was written the way it was, you can derive all of the individual rights it guarantees from these axioms:

1. Everyone has a right to life (which could be thought of as property, itself. Your body is your property, no one else's)
2. Everyone has a right to property
3. Everyone can do what they wish with their own life or property so long as they do not damage someone else's property, life, or rights without consent.

Cringy name, but it works. Password is "PasswordProtectYourFuckingRouter"

If your security measure to prevent router access is "Who would look for it?"

Run. This is zero-password access. There is admin:admin, and then there's "welcome to the secret network!

Basically: go forth and multiply your servers!

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Ahahaha!! Ultrastar, welcome to No Agenda Social!! .. come highly recommended by the squad and if you’re a pinko, that’s okay. Yukiame will be moderating your posts for the next week to make sure they’re up to snuff, so to speak.

In the meantime, here are some fabulous NAS welcome memes that I need to make more of, these are being exhausted ... plus a wildcard

If the 1st Amendment does not apply to visual art it is close to meaningless in a visual media culture.

The ongoing saga of my monitor continues. I finally got a refund for the one that the fedex driver stole (NB: it was extremely helpful having video cameras that show the delivery person never even attempted to deliver it)

I reordered it to arrive today, when I’m off work. All was going well until the UPS truck transporting it was in a crash at 2am.

The universe does not want me to have this monitor.

In Spokane, 649 rape kits are awaiting attention, an opioid crisis is raging, and a serial killer hasn’t been caught, yet the city is throwing the book at a pastor who objects to a sexual minstrel show performed for children. 

#Federalist #Opioid #Pastor #Spokane

Full-List of bots:

When the atmosphere in the hospital my mother lay dying in became too stifling I left. As I did, she asked me to tell the nurse to give her more morphine.

You can’t get more real than that. The presence of her son gave her pain relief and when that relief disappeared she asked for another source of relief.

It was not beautiful. Death is raw and ugly and as this breaks us down, we resort to our most basic selfish survival instincts.

Based on recent personal experience, I offer this advice: when eating spicy beef jerkey, wash your hands thoroughly before rubbing your eyes.

I don't see the EU and the Globalists allowing this to happen.

NO WAY are they gonna allow this by Jan 31st.

I fear something dreadfully drastic is going to happen.

All the stops are going to be pulled to prevent Brexit from happening.

This was posted to Facebook with the caption "Why the US Senate Doesn't Represent America." And I'm thinking: this is exactly why we have a Senate (2 senators per state) and a House of Representatives (based on population).

What am I missing here?

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I chuckled at this but also found myself so grateful. There are people who count on this show to get through life, Adam, and I’m most certainly one. I’ll explain a bit & probably praise you gents ad nauseum on my next donation note, a sufficiently large sum to get a paragraph or so in.

TYFYC, both AC & @PhoneBoy for propagating the formula by (among many other things) providing these quotes.

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