-"I don't need security, nobody's targeting me."

They don't need to target you when you're making it easy. :blobcatsip:โ€‹

If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.

-- Lao Tzu


I wonder if Nancy Pelosi's orange bullet bracelet would cause her to run afoul of red flag laws?

Proposed law of computing: Every file format eventually turns into byte code running in a sandboxed VM at some point.

Adobe Flash? Check.

HTML? Check.

PDF? Double-check (PostScript *and* JavaScript)

Microsoft Office? Check.

Addenum: Every popular file format produces: a) Pixels b) Audio samples.

Suggestion: Let's just have one file format. It can draw pixels. It can make audio. It's a sandboxed VM. The minimum requirement is to expose seek() and render() functions. Done.

In 1997, when Event Horizon came out, we thought weโ€™d have a colony on the moon by 2015.

Instead, we sentenced our greatest minds to life in San Francisco working out how to make people click on ads, and we got Facebook.

okay but why is the Algorithm always like โ€œshow me the best posts firstโ€ what if I wanna see the worst posts first? computer show me which absolutely blazing takes i missed while asleep

Mun base was a success, and got in a landing on Minmus (Second moon of Kerbin) that resulted in a TON of science to let me research new tech.

Streaming was a learning experience. Apparently need to check how my voice levels compare to the game audio, so now I'll keep more of an eye on the sound levels so things are more balanced.

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