@sizzletron the blind expectation that everyone will just get in line and do as their told is insane. What on earth drives people to such complacency.


If you're ever asked by some dope WHY you think Communism always ends in death, it's because it's a GUARANTEE that not everyone will agree with Communism and Communism is an insecure philosophy. It's continuance is reliant on everyone doing the same damn thing and will crush each and every crumb of dissent.

Otherwise Commies would see free will producing better results. EVERY TIME.

@sizzletron even when they aren't crushing dissent the willingness to blindly follow leads to terrible death. Look at the issue with sparrows in Mao's day. Kill the sparrows, bring on a famine.

@sizzletron @thatguyoverthere
鈥淓very sane society allows a certain number of people to deviate (monks / some sort of outsiders). It says: "You don't have to join. You don't have to play the game."

A society which is insane and unsure of itself cannot allow that to happen. It says: "Everybody MUST join. Everybody MUST work. Everybody MUST belong." And then, freedom disappears.鈥

鈥 Alan Watts


@sizzletron English is confusing. At first I thought 鈥渉eads on pikes鈥 referred to how you like your fish.

@sizzletron Sorken encapsulates everything wrong with our society. His thinking is exactly the problem. None of our problems will resolve if we don鈥檛 remove him from power.

@sizzletron Andrew Ross Sorkin is nothing more than a brainwashed shill for the progressives. He needs removed from CNBC because he brings nothing but the "crybaby" point of view to the show. Becky Quick is more of a man than Andrew Ross Sorkin. We won't touch how Dagen McDowell could wipe his ass across the floor in bar room brawl. Then we have Mary McDonald who can bet Sorkin as a journalist and still kick his butt.

@sizzletron The Sorkin argument sucks in part because it fails to account for the fact that the economic catastrophe of the pandemic was mostly generated by government incompetence and avarice.

@sizzletron How does a taxpayer funded loan count as "profit"?


Now pilots should process the company in 3.7 billions :partyparrot:

I am still staggered by the number of people who do not understand what is going on.
Once you have surrendered your right to bodily autonomy there is nothing to stop a government making further demands on you.
If your continued "freedom" is dependent on compliance with a government diktat then you are no longer free. You have already sold yourself into slavery.
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