@sizzletron it's so true. But people don't get it. I have a couple that come in here to eat Jenn and Albert. She's jabbed up got covid and is blaming him because he wasn't jabbed. It's hysterical 馃ぃ

@sizzletron the unvaxxed here

and they are causing vaxxed people to not be able to get stuff like treatments for 'cancer' and 'being born'


Are these 'unvaccinated within the 14 day requirement, but who have in fact been vaxxed, say 9 days ago?

@sizzletron keep moving those goalposts back, if you want, but I mean 'completely unvaxxed, begging for anything that will keep them alive'


That ain't moving goalposts, lol. What it is is asking for more information beyond a claim is all.

@sizzletron basically no one's getting vaxxed here anymore

if anyone was going to have been vaxxed, they would have already done it by now

there's a little bump but it's not much compared to the massive spike in cases

the SHA posts one of these every week at least and the proportions are mostly stable with a small increase over time of 'fully vaxxed'

proportion fully vaxxed outnumbers the unvaxxed about 6:4
sooo if you stop putting more A in the bucket when A has filled the bucket then what's filling the bucket, B?
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