My friend here in BC just got told she needs to be double-vaxxed to get bloodwork done.

When she asked her doctor if he was vaxxed, he said double. She asked how he could get sick and he deflected to 'you have to keep your friends and neighbors safe.'

21st Century medicine.

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It's ironic that you need to be vaxxed if you were you need an antibody test for COVID.

Not what she needs, but they have effectively done an end-run around antibodies with this policy.

I officially know more people who have been malpracticed upon by doctors in the name of COVID than have died from it.

@sizzletron Not so here in the US. You can get an antibody test at any time.

Both of my doctors would write up the test ASAP.

Another jackass Dr. that sold his soul to big pharma.. Surely he can't be that f-ing stupid?


He even told her she had to go to a separate clinic if she doesn't get vaxxed.

I've gone most of my life with very few vaccines. I get tetanus as needed, got the jab for TB years ago, and that's about it as an adult.
Been working a part-time job since Covid hit in a car parts place (refused to mask) and I've been just fine. Had the sniffles a couple times. So my immune system is ready for battle with all that exposure.
Idiots like my parents that have been hiding are screwed if they ever step foot out of their basement again.

@sizzletron @Nobody i think the majority now know that they were fooled . Most people would rather capsize the lifeboat and drown together than watch others escape.

@Justyouace @Nobody

It really is a drowning swimmer scenario.

My Mom was a lifeguard and warned us off saving people without using a device.

In their panic they will help you drown too.

@Justyouace @sizzletron
My very liberal dad for example will never admit he could have been fooled by their scamdemic crap.
Same guy that gave his credit card multiple times to callers from India due to popup messages on his computer. πŸ˜‚
These people are stupid, and arrogant. You can't help them...

@Justyouace @sizzletron @Nobody
True! Damn! Surprised I forgot:
The drowning man tries to take you with him!

@sizzletron If you don't smear an mRNA jab above the door of your house, ethereal covid dingoes will eat your neighbor's babies. Or something. Science!

I try to steer well clear of GP’s having zero faith in them to be anything but poorly trained self important technicians who care more about patient throughput than patient health.
And of course the pushing of statins and now vaccines.

If I had to go to a doctor and he said my natural immunity wasn’t enough I’d ask if he had seen the reports out of Israel and what reason he had to think the vaccine wouldn’t actually limit my protection.
Wrong answer and I walk away saying send bill

@sizzletron lol didnt have a single question when I went to get my sang drawn.

Hello, please sit. Our computers are broken so it says we are closed, enjoy the 0 line.

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