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I've been practicing video all morning and it feels like it's 5pm.

Gone are the recaps and episode titles. I missed the Part One title, tho.

Evened out the audio. No longer does the music suddenly deafen your neighbors.

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Forest Gump or Forrest Gump?

@sizzletron Dunkins-Keurig? Is that an intentional malapropism of Dunning-Kruger?

I think s No Agenda producer called into 1A today because they talked about Swamp Thing and the shotgun ( @adam 's episode) and how everyone got to see that the gun was unloaded. No mention of Adam, no in the morning or anything.

Was it one of you cats or kittens?

@sizzletron The part blah, blah, bah, made sense. Everything else was over my head.

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