Biden is like when Dwight usurps Michael and is manager for a day.

President Biden Speaks To The U.S. Conference Of Mayors - YouTube

You know, a speech in a corner no one ever cared about.

President Biden Meets with the Vice President, Secretary of Defense, & Chairman of the Joint Chiefs - YouTube

That ratio, tho.

Super Size box of KD. Only made half the noodles but all of the cheese. The Mac & Cheese matrix can be hacked.

‘TRANSGENDER A WAY TO BE HAPPY' - BBC tells children as YOUNG AS 9 in sex-ed programme!

'Over 100 genders'... Is the BBC going too far?

A sex education programme aimed at children 9-12, called ‘Identity – Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities’ explains to kids the nuances of ‘bi-gender’, ‘pansexual’ and ‘genderqueen’.

Later in the short film, children are told that becoming transgender is a way to be ‘happy’.

Leftists just admitted that the only reason for the COVID-19 panic was to destroy the Trump economy, empower fraudulent mail-in voting, and get Trump out of office. They effectively stated this by relaxing COVID-19 lockdowns as soon as Jiao Bi-Den got into office.

James Pumphrey - Pop-Up Up and Down Headlights (FULL SONG) - YouTube

Reposting this because it's the earworm for 2021.

Holy crap the UFC had an actual CROWD for Saturday's event. In Brazil, albeit.


I Smell a Trillion Dollar+ Lawsuit Against Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca. It's called, Prove in court that the Vaccine isn't a Vaccine, it's an injection of new technology, and therefore not "protected by vaccine injury laws" -- RUT ROH - The Donald - America First!

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