From now i will be marking all comedy posts with a hearty LOL!

White people allowed in bank ads....must be MarchπŸ’©

Beck - Chemical (Hyperspace: A.I. Exploration) - YouTube

Hyperspace: AI Exploration is a series of hybrid (data + music) videos for Beck’s album ​Hyperspace featuring real NASA science transformed through artificial intelligence.

Toronto-Area Authorities Say Isolate Kids Within Their Own Homes | Some Parents Actually Comply - YouTube

Matt doesn't usually cover North of 49.

Nanotech expert Erica Khan talking about the nanotech lipids on the mRNA vaccine says that people taking this vaccine better read the fine print, its considered a phase 3 trial case and taking it will INVALIDATE your life insurance policy. Some folks have found out the hard way this week. They're not even tracking it well or evaluating responses, also now saying its ok to mix the kinds between shots. They just want ppl dead to save on retirement pmts.

@adam @Johncdvorak

The traitor Andrew Cuomo will give a press conference at 1pm.

Spoiler: He probably won't mention any of his traitorous actions unfortunately.

DC Public Charter School pushing Revolutionary Marxism, Black Liberation, says babies are racially biased – National Conservative

Only 2 reasons the 'activists' would be this unironic: They're either extremely stupid, or they're just very evil people. I'm sure there is a Venn Diagram.

At 1:30 Dolly Parton fumbles with donning mask
At 1:35 Dolly Parton Calls all the way over there to the doc to head on in
1:37 doc walks in frame on the word β€œshot”

Scientists from at least thirty-three universities in the United Kingdom have worked with Chinese military researchers on the development of nuclear weapons, an investigation has claimed. - The Donald - America First!

Once upon a time in 2017 Melania Trump gave Dr. Seuss books, and suddenly they were racist ever since - The Donald - America First!

Come on, man... WHO TAKES THEIR KID TO THESE CLOWNS? Oh and be SURE to continue to use female pronouns. That's what's important here.

Transgender Daycare Worker And YouTube Star Charged With Possessing Child Porn, Child Abuse Images - National File

Fake Famous has downloaded and I'm watching it now. Oof. Buncha knobs.

I just got my second book from the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Book Club. πŸ˜€

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