@sizzletron still seems like some people are fighting for good.


Well clearly they just wanted to snack on toasted marshmallows in Kenosha.

What's wrong wit' dat, bro?

I was struck by how closely the narrative around adrenochrome is eerily similar to the Monsters inc movie. Hiding in plain sight? It was after 4 beers and some chicken wings so IDK. Have a great saturday!

@sizzletron I love the excavator pushing one where it bounced back and crushed his cab.

JUST IN: Ted Cruz Introduces Anti-Vaccine Passport Amendment, Slams CDC Mask Mandate For Vaccinated - YouTube


What Downtown Portland Looks Like in 2021 (Part 3): Blue Tarps Freeway and Blazing Landfill - YouTube


@sizzletron That reminds me of the "Communitarians" a la the Agenda 2020 philosophy of "Community Rights." As in, "The community has the right to decide who is allowed and what is not tolerated from individuals."

Dangerous Bad Fails Skills Cutting Tree - INCREDIBLE Idiots Tree Falling Machine Working #2 - YouTube

They're savin' a buck, guys!


Pendleside - Reedley Hallows - 4.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, light, sweet fruity with a touch of sharpness and a gentle spicy finish

3.2/5. Starting the day in The Malcolm Uphill (Spoons) in Caerphilly and it’s not raining. I have a plan that involves the 120 bus.

Now that over 4 billion vaccine doses have been given worldwide, how could any regulator turn around and not give full approval at this stage. The lawsuits and compensation claims would cripple every economy.

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