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Got it for a steal too! $550 from my buddy’s Elmer. The OM said “I want someone to use it, not sit on a shelf.” He gave me that price as I have a human resource on the way. “It’s now or never kid, you’ll get the amp now or when your kid’s out of the house.”

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Ham radio update. Got a FULLY OPERATIONAL Heathkit SB-230. Original components throughout. Power output is within spec. I’m replacing the power switch as it’s pretty mushy after all of these years, so arcing will be possible soon, and that’s no bueno for the tube. (Also original).

Do any of you no agenda hams know where I can find a place to buy the iCom 13 pin accessory cable stand alone? I have a project I want to do and the customers don’t have the connectors.

“Popular in your top Genres”
I only listen to science fiction and fantasy books.

@adam This seems like a good technological explanation of why the Falcon 9 booster landing is goofy.

Power goes out, have to reflash the PLC on a machine because they didn’t install a 12v backup for fuck who knows why. Need laptop, get laptop with the software. REQUIRES DOMAIN CONTROLLER TO LOG IN WHICH IS SHUT DOWN BECAUSE THERE’S NO FUCKING UPS IN THE RACK.

Hey all NoAgendaHams Wanna start a No Agenda Winlink email list? We'd talk about... OTG, Ham Radio, and the inside jokes. Let's do it. [email protected]

@adam book a flight with Alex Jones and go back on JRE with the three of you. That would be a good mix of personality and views lol.

I did a FOIA request for all public audio recordings, video recordings, papers, memos, press releases, internal messages, and transcripts for Waco and Ruby Ridge this past Saturday. It got straight up denied today, for “improper request”. What the hell is an improper request? I asked for the documents because I’m a Citizen and I can ask for declassified information. But nope apparently they can deny my right to oversee them even though I employ them.

There is one good thing about the lockdown. Hams are hopping on the band, and most of the time
It’s hard to find an open spot in the band.

The Fuck Your Code of Conduct (FUCOC):

1. Be useful.
2. Be helpful.
3. Call out any bullshit that does not move the _project_ (not the community, the project) forward.

Copywrong @ 2020 coldacid. All rights unrestrained.

To all of my fellow hams, I’m thinking about doing an Inverted L for my EFHW, it’s going to be about 50’ in the air, how long does the flying leg need to be? Total radiator length is 72ft.

Anyone know how long Joe’s show takes to be edited and uploaded? I think they could use some help from the Curry Dvorak Consulting group if it longer than 2 hour post production time. I figure two hours is enough for a video show with live switching to edit and render out.

@adam Best part is there's no central server so YOU control it. Not Microsoft.

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@adam RemoteAudio (two way PCM transport application)

upon testing even the 22khz 8 bit transport is higher quality than Skype.

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