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@adam shouldnwe do an HF net as well? That would be fun. De KE0ΜΈWIZ

14.330 monitoring for all slaves. KE0WIZ
Instead of CQ it’s ITM

Camera covers for mobile devices and larger computers.
Now got to hardware disable the iPhone microphone. Wonder how. Maybe I’ll go buy a Moto g and install a custom FOSS rom.

Every time I get junk mail from Charter Spectrum I wire return to sender. That way they have to pay double postage.

The best way to teach how to be a good person, is being a good person.

@adam I'm 10 minutes into Industrial Society And It's Future... Was Prof. Ted a god damn time traveller? Holy shit.

The reason kids are becoming more and more distant from reality these days is because they didn't grow up with Mr. Rogers....

Found a full nest of these little guys last night. (The one in my hand was brought to me by my dog. Surprisingly he didn't kill it. But I shortened his tie out for the time being just in case.) I returned it to the nest and the mother seemed not to mind this morning according to the trail cam.

Hormel sending nasty noise back into the grid. Who do I file the complaint with? TNX DE KE0WIZ

Ladies you know you got top tier dad material if he has a pair of Nike trainers, listens to Nickleback on the regular, and calls sex funky town.

@adam the rubber coating JCD was referencing in Sunday's show is most likely Butile Rubber. Butyric acid Is its main component, which is why it usually smells bad. Butyric acid is also found in vomit.

Wow I uh.... Didn't know that guy was such a douche bag. Straight up racist commentary. Not "could have been taken out of context" kinda stuff either.

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