VOA’s YouTube channel has been posting video after video about Climate Change today. M5M will be hot on the tails and going full speed ahead on Climate Change. Wonder what they’re trying to hide?

Going down to the center of the lower 48 to celebrate the 4th. No poop on those sidewalks. Only poop in the pastures.

I have made a Sphinx Tribe, for Art Bell nerds. The app page takes you straight to the MP3 stream. Maybe i should hit up the Sphinx guys to allow that in the feed URL so it shows up like podcasts?
Woot! Come on in!


I was on the Coast To Coast facebag last night and the only comment that got deleted was a guy saying George Noory was good. I doubt he deleted it. Maybe Premiere is gonna finally fire Noory.

@dowodenum thanks! I do have a large chunk of it. I just don’t think that’s all he did. I wanna find that treasure trove of that old rich guy that bought every tape after the show each day hahaha.

Do any producers have Art Bell Coast To Coast, or Dreamland tapes they would be willing to loan for digitization, or have them digitized? I have the big archive dump of many of them. But I don’t think that’s all of them. Let me know please! Http://artbell247.xyz

Next Tuesday, I'm helping Ed Snowden launch the young readers' version of his spectacular memoir "Permanent Record." Join us for a livestream event with Copperfield Books on Feb 9 at 19h Pacific.



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@IcyGrillz each of the transmitters are on a Henry 2k on a 5/8 vertical, on a different band connected to the same mic. Level of shit posting? OMega OM.

@BlueDouche but... but... but... Minnesota is medically southern Canada 🀣

@adam watch for the word "empathy" in the news. Gonna be parroting this word. "show some empathy, wear a mask." Or "show some empathy, cull the old population."

@bill I agree! The good thing is the features aren’t half baked and non functional.
I’ve only touched the surface of GridTracker. Tag loomis recently put the whole thing on Github because he’s taking a back seat and letting the community take over new features, he’ll just be doing maintenance on critical stuff.

@bill saving my logbook at the very least. HRDLogbook is really finicky with WSJT-X in my experience. Auto uploads to QRZ, LoTW, Cloudlog, HRDL, and soon N1MM on a remote machine so I KNOW I’ll always have a log.

Fun fact for hams that use GridTracker.

The developer of Grid Tracker was the lead developer of Shoutcast and Winamp.

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