@stsmith the antenna is a homemade clone of the MFJ-1797, but with a modification of the original design to get a 1.3:1 on 80 without a tuner. It’s resonant on 80, 40, 20 and kinda (1.8-9:1) resonant on 15 and 10. I would have a DXCommander Naboola up but XYL is not in favor of that.

@stsmith IC-7300, FTM-100, don’t have the Heil headset yet but soon. I also have an LDG z11 Pro mk1. I have a Heathkit SB-230 as well, waiting on a power switch replacement.

@stsmith Yeah I got some Alpha Delta lightning arrestors in the bin of RF stuff. The run is only 55ft so I think 213 would do well. LMR400 on VHF/UHF for sure though. The RSP1A is just gonna be my SWL for when I wanna listen to some Shortwave radio so the RG8X will do fine for that. I'm just glad I have enough space to do a full wave 80m loop for NVIS.

Drilled the passthrough for the bulkhead connector in the foundation today. I should be back up on HF next week. My wife said I could put up the nice vertical if I buried the coax. Running nothing but RG213. My SDRPlay RSP1A will have an antenna in the attic via a run of RG8X. So stoked.VHF and UHF radio will have to wait until I can get another run of 213 or LMR400 for the Diamond vertical.

Got it for a steal too! $550 from my buddy’s Elmer. The OM said “I want someone to use it, not sit on a shelf.” He gave me that price as I have a human resource on the way. “It’s now or never kid, you’ll get the amp now or when your kid’s out of the house.”

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Ham radio update. Got a FULLY OPERATIONAL Heathkit SB-230. Original components throughout. Power output is within spec. I’m replacing the power switch as it’s pretty mushy after all of these years, so arcing will be possible soon, and that’s no bueno for the tube. (Also original).

Do any of you no agenda hams know where I can find a place to buy the iCom 13 pin accessory cable stand alone? I have a project I want to do and the customers don’t have the connectors.

“Popular in your top Genres”
I only listen to science fiction and fantasy books.

@Viking no doubt it’s some whiner that lives with their parents and is mad at the world because they didn’t make the Lacrosse team in middle school.

@adam This seems like a good technological explanation of why the Falcon 9 booster landing is goofy. youtube.com/watch?v=hH75bVG7HB

@Freakwater it was definitely fun trying to explain what a Domain Controller was to my bosses boss over text message, explaining why we couldn’t flash the PLC. Him: “You shouldn’t need to log in, the app is installed on the main CPU.”

@BlueDouche not me I’m just a dude named Ben in disguise as a Machine operator.

@raintrees tried disconnecting from the network and still didn’t work. It’s okay though, day shift ran into the same problem, but they had IT available to fix the problem, we nightshifters didn’t. LOL.

Power goes out, have to reflash the PLC on a machine because they didn’t install a 12v backup for fuck who knows why. Need laptop, get laptop with the software. REQUIRES DOMAIN CONTROLLER TO LOG IN WHICH IS SHUT DOWN BECAUSE THERE’S NO FUCKING UPS IN THE RACK.

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