Ham radio update. Got a FULLY OPERATIONAL Heathkit SB-230. Original components throughout. Power output is within spec. I’m replacing the power switch as it’s pretty mushy after all of these years, so arcing will be possible soon, and that’s no bueno for the tube. (Also original).

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Got it for a steal too! $550 from my buddy’s Elmer. The OM said “I want someone to use it, not sit on a shelf.” He gave me that price as I have a human resource on the way. “It’s now or never kid, you’ll get the amp now or when your kid’s out of the house.”

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Wow - I just looked and vacuum tubes are really expensive now.

The last thing I did with tubes was getting my grandpa's car radio working in high school. I had to fix the vibrator & replace some tubes. I also built a 12V, 10A power supply to drive it. I'm pretty sure my mom sold it after I left home.

The other tube project I had was a "portable" shortwave radio. I'm not sure what happened to it but it was an interesting project.

@six789 that’s cool! Been looking at getting started with this. I’d like to have one in the car

@six789 Cool that would work well with the Swan Transceiver I picked up super cheap in the 80s. Big power caps worry me about replacement needs but I've seen 1930s radios with them work 50 years later so maybe thats only a fear for future transistorized generations.

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