@adam RemoteAudio (two way PCM transport application) df3cb.com/remaud/

upon testing even the 22khz 8 bit transport is higher quality than Skype.

@adam Best part is there's no central server so YOU control it. Not Microsoft.

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@six789 Nightmare to configure on the road (port forwarding needed) and also appears to be half duplex?


@adam ah You’re right about the nightmare.

From what I’ve seen people do, they run both server and client on both machines to get full duplex. It’s hacky but then again it’s ham radio software.
I wonder if there’s something like this that does UDP hole punching, And full duplex out of the box, that is this high quality. Cause yeah Skype sounds alright and works easily. But you never know if they’re gonna pull a Google and kill it off or integrate it into their expensive business comm suite.

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