List of apps and services that use Plaid:
Cash App
Every Dollar
Clarity Money

Please Add to the list and mention me so I can make a webpage for

@adam @ProfWorr @sirphenom

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@six789 Wow - that's a yuge list.

Just learned about Plaid on the show today, so I don't have anything to add now, but if I hear of others...!

@adam @ProfWorr

@six789 is that the correct URL? Does the domain need renewal?

@agates correct URL. Just doesn’t point to anything at the moment because I have nothing to point it to. Also I am not Chris nor Chase.

@six789 I never said you were Chris or Chase. Might want to work on your reading comprehension.

@agates forgive me I see what you did. Mastodon decided not to load the thread inline.

@agates Also, no need to be so spicy around fellow slaves. The last part added nothing to the conversation.

@six789 my apologies. I interpreted your response as "spicy" (actually condescending) and responded in kind. Emotion doesn't go away just because we're communicating via text 😉

@agates it’s all good man. I didn’t mean it in malice. We cool? Yeah I knew it was Chase, I was a dedicated Unfilter listener up to the end, along with No Agenda.

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