Congrats! What's the first thing you're going to do with it?

@jco42 get on HF as soon as my call gets in the ULS and call CQ for days.

@six789 I鈥檓 tentatively thinking of trying to upgrade from the UK Foundation to Intermediate, but let鈥檚 just say I鈥檓 not a natural electrical engineer. Some advance study required before I even attempt the course. It involves soldering components; again not something I鈥檝e done much of!

@Vanessa yeah I studied a whole lot to get the US general.
I don't know if the UK has anything like ham study.org but if it does, man they are useful as all else.

@six789 I bet you did! Our full licence is a self-study thing. I don鈥檛 really need more than Foundation as it gets me HF access and the main restriction is to 10W power, but it鈥檚 nice to progress. A local ham club run great courses at weekends, which is how I got my current licence. They were very good to a distinctly non-techy girl!

@six789 Congrats! By the way I grew up in 55921 - not too far away from you :-). I am in the process of getting a few coworkers to take the test as well.

@sir_tronics Wow! Cale! That's not too far at all. Spam town born and raised Lol.

@six789 welcome to the General club from on General to another ka6atn connect to 50450

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