iCatcher is the best podcast player for iOS.
Not the prettiest. But damn does it work well. Never crashes, the UI doesn’t make drastic changes (attn: Pocket Casts).

@six789 what does it do that much better than the Podcasts app ?

@mcread it doesn’t send telemetry data to Apple about the whats, whens, and hows.
I also like customizations you can do to categories. You can put certain pods into different categories, and have it all very organized. So I can play my news first in the day, move to another bucket for true crime, then go to technology talk.

@six789 Very reasonable. Thanks for the tip . I'll give it a try

@six789 I have been using Downcast since Apple created the Podcast app. It does variable speed, has multiple playlist support with great selection & ordering capabilities. It can sync with the Mac app as well (I don't do that).

The only feature I would like to have added is a volume adjustment by podcast (Scott Adams is way too soft). I haven't found that in any app that plays podcasts.

@mhjohnson I will have to give Downcast a good try. I don’t remember using it in the past, but I’ve used many pod catchers and probably have forgotten some of them along the way. Thanks!

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