Be glad you are not me. Even worse up front.

Web 5 4 3


Holy shit. Ppl in Seattle stay home when there鈥檚 like 2-5 inches on the ground

@ProfWorr We got like 9 inches, wit 30mph winds, blew it around to get a solid 2.5 ft. up to 8ft in some areas.

@six789 Hey, can you get me something out of the garage?

@six789 I have some relatives in Duluth, visited them back in the eighties when I still lived in Norway.

@six789 what part of the world are you in?

We had 50+ mph winds on Sunday and nearby that 131 car pileup you may have heard about

@six789 Makes sense... I鈥檓 about 300 miles east of Minneapolis, and a few miles from Joseph McCarthy鈥檚 grave 馃榿

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