@adam watch for the word "empathy" in the news. Gonna be parroting this word. "show some empathy, wear a mask." Or "show some empathy, cull the old population."

Fun fact for hams that use GridTracker.

The developer of Grid Tracker was the lead developer of Shoutcast and Winamp.

Through producers of the station of course. (Aka by the books words, sponsors)

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Well if i did have one of those I would have a massive band pass filter tuned directly on center, and not going outside of normal operating bandwidth. Hypothetically speaking of course. I guess I’m just flustered that LPFM is near impossible to get into. If I were a pirate I’d be willing to go legit if it didn’t cost 200k for a community non profit station. I’d just want to make enough to keep the transmitter running, and a bit of food on the table.

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I have to ask, if I am *not* interfering with a commercials stations broadcast... ethically speaking, why am I not able to have a small 10w transmitter on any of the broadcast bands if I’m not making any money on it? Oh yeah, the FCC wants a big ol chunk of the pie that’s nonexistent.

Was the reverb turned up a tad but more than normal in 1289 @adam?

I just noticed it more in this episode.

This is why I love the Ham Radio world. Most manufacturers just expect to give you the option to FIX IT YOURSELF. So they do. No modern tech company potting the IC’s kinda crap going on!

Any hams that are looking for an Automatic tuner. Please consider LDG. They provide a good product with absolutely stunning support. I was out of warranty on mine, a resistor blew because the coax jumper I used from the radio to the tuner itself was damaged in the move, and I didn’t see because it was internal to the cable.
I sent them an email, and they said “you can send it back and we’ll fix it for free, or we can just send you the resistor and you can solder it yourself.” CS like that YES

Drilled the passthrough for the bulkhead connector in the foundation today. I should be back up on HF next week. My wife said I could put up the nice vertical if I buried the coax. Running nothing but RG213. My SDRPlay RSP1A will have an antenna in the attic via a run of RG8X. So stoked.VHF and UHF radio will have to wait until I can get another run of 213 or LMR400 for the Diamond vertical.

Got it for a steal too! $550 from my buddy’s Elmer. The OM said “I want someone to use it, not sit on a shelf.” He gave me that price as I have a human resource on the way. “It’s now or never kid, you’ll get the amp now or when your kid’s out of the house.”

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Ham radio update. Got a FULLY OPERATIONAL Heathkit SB-230. Original components throughout. Power output is within spec. I’m replacing the power switch as it’s pretty mushy after all of these years, so arcing will be possible soon, and that’s no bueno for the tube. (Also original).

Do any of you no agenda hams know where I can find a place to buy the iCom 13 pin accessory cable stand alone? I have a project I want to do and the customers don’t have the connectors.

“Popular in your top Genres”
I only listen to science fiction and fantasy books.

@adam This seems like a good technological explanation of why the Falcon 9 booster landing is goofy. youtube.com/watch?v=hH75bVG7HB

Power goes out, have to reflash the PLC on a machine because they didn’t install a 12v backup for fuck who knows why. Need laptop, get laptop with the software. REQUIRES DOMAIN CONTROLLER TO LOG IN WHICH IS SHUT DOWN BECAUSE THERE’S NO FUCKING UPS IN THE RACK.

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