VOA’s YouTube channel has been posting video after video about Climate Change today. M5M will be hot on the tails and going full speed ahead on Climate Change. Wonder what they’re trying to hide?

Going down to the center of the lower 48 to celebrate the 4th. No poop on those sidewalks. Only poop in the pastures.

I have made a Sphinx Tribe, for Art Bell nerds. The app page takes you straight to the MP3 stream. Maybe i should hit up the Sphinx guys to allow that in the feed URL so it shows up like podcasts?
Woot! Come on in!


I was on the Coast To Coast facebag last night and the only comment that got deleted was a guy saying George Noory was good. I doubt he deleted it. Maybe Premiere is gonna finally fire Noory.

Do any producers have Art Bell Coast To Coast, or Dreamland tapes they would be willing to loan for digitization, or have them digitized? I have the big archive dump of many of them. But I don’t think that’s all of them. Let me know please! Http://artbell247.xyz

Next Tuesday, I'm helping Ed Snowden launch the young readers' version of his spectacular memoir "Permanent Record." Join us for a livestream event with Copperfield Books on Feb 9 at 19h Pacific.



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@adam watch for the word "empathy" in the news. Gonna be parroting this word. "show some empathy, wear a mask." Or "show some empathy, cull the old population."

Fun fact for hams that use GridTracker.

The developer of Grid Tracker was the lead developer of Shoutcast and Winamp.

Through producers of the station of course. (Aka by the books words, sponsors)

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Well if i did have one of those I would have a massive band pass filter tuned directly on center, and not going outside of normal operating bandwidth. Hypothetically speaking of course. I guess I’m just flustered that LPFM is near impossible to get into. If I were a pirate I’d be willing to go legit if it didn’t cost 200k for a community non profit station. I’d just want to make enough to keep the transmitter running, and a bit of food on the table.

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I have to ask, if I am *not* interfering with a commercials stations broadcast... ethically speaking, why am I not able to have a small 10w transmitter on any of the broadcast bands if I’m not making any money on it? Oh yeah, the FCC wants a big ol chunk of the pie that’s nonexistent.

Was the reverb turned up a tad but more than normal in 1289 @adam?

I just noticed it more in this episode.

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