@adam Best part is there's no central server so YOU control it. Not Microsoft.

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@adam RemoteAudio (two way PCM transport application) df3cb.com/remaud/

upon testing even the 22khz 8 bit transport is higher quality than Skype.

List of apps and services that use Plaid:
Cash App
Every Dollar
Clarity Money

Please Add to the list and mention me so I can make a webpage for noagendatechnologylab.com

@adam @ProfWorr @sirphenom

@adam drones in sky

Hear me out. A game marketing campaign, or private contracting.

@adam forgot to say the NOAGENDAHAMS REFLECTOR 33C. Oof no more sleep deprived tooting.

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The cool ass thing about this hot spot that I bought is that it can cross link Yaesu System Fusion to D-STAR. So I don’t have to buy a new handheld or set up an allstarlink node. @adam would you consider that a QSO? Cause my growing collection of cards is empty without the PodFather.

SO CLOSE TO WORKED ALL STATES! If you are in SD or AK please hit me up so we can get a sked set up. De KE0WIZ

A bit of OTG work I'm doing. I bought a dedicated DAP for my Music and Podcast needs while at work. Giving me less of an excuse to use my phone. I also replaced most of my browsing with reading a book to Brownian noise.

That feel when you forget your IEM’s at home do you can’t listen to a pile of Gitmo Nation shows.

I have Sunday’s show, the Dr. Steve with Adam, and today’s Moe Factz lined up in the queue. But can’t listen to them at work. Oh well. More entertainment for tomorrow.

How to get a friend to stop talking to you for the night so they can stop cutting into your reading time?

Start talking about Ham radio.


@adam this is quite funny. A Broadcast engineer for KOMO TV has the @nunes twitter handle.

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EXCLUSIVE – President Trump makes unscheduled stop at military hospital to undergo battery of tests for possible deliberate poisoning of food with “time delayed” chemical agent; food tester gravely ill – White House connected source


@adam cancel culture is even in the LINUX COMMUNITY. Is nothing sacred?! youtu.be/a8TcBeltvk4

I know the whole used thinkpad thing on 4Chan is a meme. But it's a meme with a useful purpose. Got an x230 and its a snappy little fella. Upgraded it to an SSD and WOOOSH. So... 4Chan did something right.

What if Designated Survivor was cancelled because it had shown that the big two parties aren’t always the only option? We all know Netflix has funding from some big pocketed elites. @adam

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