Jiden sending troops to Syria means he's really trying to beat that 11 days in office it took Obama to get nominated to win the Nobel peace prize.

"War is peace. Freedom is... you know the thing!" -- Jiden (probably)

Congratulations in advance, Mr. President, and thanks for the humanitarian aid you're giving to the people of Syria.

So, within two days we have an 87-year-old celeb who dies of covid and an 86-year-old celeb who could have well died from the covid vaccine. I would not want to be someone over the age of about 70 right now.

If some people pronounce "ask" as "ax" I think we should start pronouncing "mask" as "max" to see if we can make people mad. I can't breathe with this "max" on. I'm sick of the "max" mandate.

Has WaPo started its Jiden lie counter yet? He said it was going to be a dark winter, but every day of winter has only been dark part of the day where I live.

So, does Dr. Jill go to cabinet meetings with President Biden to help him out or does she stay in the residence?

Congratulations to Boe Jiden and thank you for how awesome you will make the No Agenda show over the next 4 years! Maybe we can finally stop hearing about COVID now and get on to what really matters, mocking presidents.

@sirvisgoat Until Patriots step up and run for office, we will keep getting more of the same. I ran for office in 2002, state of Florida, HR dist 16. I ran as a libertarian. You have no idea the satisfaction of going into the booth and pulling the lever for someone that has your best interest at heart (me)...

Let me say that one of the most therapeutic things you can do on NAS is take a look at the amazing photos that @SierraKiloBravo posts. I’m one of those people that can’t take a great photo, but I know them when I see them. He posts cool ones all of the time, and it’s a great service to take my mind away from whichever new thing the political world thinks I should fear and be angry about.

@sirvisgoat Great sentiment, but people are blind. You'd think by now they'd realize none of this is race or politics. It's all class. Political class, media class, tech class, pharma class. They use people under them to further their goals.
Trump saw that and won, then got ensnared in the political class and it was over.

I’m not sure when or if people will ever wake up and see this doesn’t have to be an us vs them zero sum game. It is because we allow it to be. Every time a new president is elected the losing side decries it as the end of the country. The winning side says, β€œnow you know how we’ve felt for the last 4 (or 8) years.” We are being played. We say we hate our elected officials, but then we vote them back in. We are keeping ourselves enslaved. For the sake of your health, stop looking to men for hope.

Man the climate gate is just around the corner now. I can't wait!

Take a day off from the news. Watch an old movie. Talk to your kids, your parents, your pets.

Our work starts in 2 days and will last for 2 years. There will be no miracles. There will be no leaders. There will individuals, like you, doing little things, every day. That is the path forward. Not in trusting in someone else, but in taking on the burden yourself.
Every country deserves the government they have.

@sirvisgoat ha ha .. I thought that, too.

TBF to Pompeo, though, he INHERITED the old problem.

"Why can't we get in that door?"

"Somebody lost the key 12 years ago."

"Well..... make a new one!"

"Oh! OK!"

Maybe good old Dark Winter is a false flag at the capitol so we can build it back better for someone else.

You know I've done the work, and I'm surprised that there are so many corporations pushing Meatless Mondays and now bugs as a replacement for delicious animal flesh. Meatless meat?! Are you retarded? Right here, right now, we carnivores need to take back the table. For all of you meat lovers out there, let's start the Meat Too movement. I will no longer be shamed when I eat a steak.

Am I the only who thinks nothing eventful will happen in DC on Wednesday except for a senile old man and a cackling opportunistic slut taking their oaths of office followed by a horrible stand up act and a concert on Zoom? Fweeeedom!

I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but it brings me great joy that bojiden.com redirects to noagendashow.com and boejiden.com redirects to donaldjtrump.com.

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