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Live dad episode with @ThatLARRYSHOW, @SirSpencer and @Frankenbones this wednesday after OBDM/Rare Encounter ends.

Catch a sneak peek of the episode here:

Oh also my phone screen broke on Thanksgiving so if you tried to text or call me and I didn't reply, sorry 😐

Everytime I get money in my savings account, dumb shit like car trouble causes me to drain the whole thing. Gotta love that paycheck to paycheck life

I did some stand-up (open mic) for the first time today and it went pretty pretty pretty good.

@sirseatsitter Tegridy weed is central to the equation.
Old man Marsh drinks PBR's in the old folks home. I think Victor Chaos is really Kenny & the corpse is a clone he made to fake his death with.

In the latest south park that takes place 40+ years in the future, covid is still rampant and the big events take place in the Moderna Stadium

Yo yo yo it's some of the best episodes of ABSna6Pack. I recommend starting with HAARP or JFK but oh man there's gold in them hills:

In case you missed it, I had a BLAST hanging out with @lavish @burymoth and @quirkess on their show

From JFK to Heaven's Gate - what more could you ask? Have a listen.

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