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the NA troll room hasnt worked on my phone since the update :/

Speaking of when she destroyed Kamala is a moment that needs to be remembered.

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!

Hellooo People of the Internet!
The latest episode of A Walk Through the Mind is available.
Today, I would like to talk about "A Look into Healthcare."

Put this in the red book;

Governments will ask shitizens to turn in anyone that has not been vaccinated, or refuses to wear a mask, or questions lockdowns

They will argue that the only way to get "back to normal" will be for everyone that thinks, speaks, or behaves, contrary to popular narrative to be re-educated. Or perhaps indefinitely quarantined until they are forcefully vaccinated

The hate for outsiders will ramp up, while the official dialogue will be framed around "unity" and "healing"

@sirseatsitter Maybe you’ve already seen this memed somewhere but how about that Blue Beam

@melodiousowls @sirseatsitter Hot damn right off the bat at the beginning of the show! I think i neglected Abs'n a 6 pack! Im repenting!

@SirMathieu @adam Hadn't heard that Carol Rosin clip till that more recent Absna6pak. @sirseatsitter

It's Tuesday! Are you ready for another episode of Bowl After Bowl? Come hang out with @SirSpencer and I TONIGHT at 9 PM Central. You've got all day to leave us a voicemail or type out a text if you're voice shy.

(816) 607-3663

Our FTIE topic tonight is the first time I ever called in to a radio show.



i was invited to be a guest on a skeptic/athiest podcast on sunday and I'm negotiating the terms

When @SirBemrose said "I don't keep my penis in my head" it was in response to some cheap insult I made when I guested on GOB. NOT EDITED lolol @darrenoneill @coldacid

@SirBemrose that overly long show with BooBury was actually part two of the 5 hour live show we did. whoops!

Just watched Machete Kills for the first time since it was in theaters and oh man what a masterpiece.

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