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Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!

oh shit Tom Starkweather is going to see Nick Luksto live tonight and I need to have him on tomorrow night to hear his boots on the ground report.

No live ABS n' a 6-Pack tonight but hopefully tomorrow!

Check one of these out in the meantime:

@CarBlanez33 and I host Hog Story
The latest episode, Occupy Thursday, is available now!
Give it a listen

Merged from air

@sirseatsitter noice!

You should bring some jalapeños to the premier

No official show today, but I'll be playing music, taking phone calls and more from 9pm to 11pm eastern tonight!

Tune in to to join the chat and get yer requests in.

Call 865-465-6271 to shoot the shit!

Battle of the Douchebags V with @SirBemrose, @fletcher and @lavish !

Episode art by @nessworks

Executive producer @dowodenum (but I totes forgot to thank him so he will also be the producer of the next episode)

S01E103: They Woke Up And Chose Violence

More Interesting Than Getting Laid
Murder Murder Murder
Ding Dong and Shanghai

It's a real live wet one with goat blood flying everywhere tonight! You haven't even seen me at my full anointed self-righteousness! LMOA! There's a new horrible mix tape we drop with "Beats To Goat By"! Is it Ukraine money in Ohio, or Ohio money in Ukraine. Last call for catfishing.

Press G To Spit.



Join @SirSpencer and I LIVE in the Bowl TONIGHT at 9 PM Central for Episode 170 of .

Tune in to hear what @RevCyberTrucker brought to the lanes.

Then, call and leave us a voicemail telling us about the First Time YOU Ever bought something with Bitcoin:

(816) 607-3663



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