@sirreginaldvangleason @sunbearshaman Now you know why I wear ear buds with the sound pass through turned off while shopping.

I know it's really out of style to bitch about "music these days" but really, honestly, somehow it has gotten even worse.

They've given up on melodies and the "cool thing" now is to sing one note with occasional accents like
...-.. ...-... ...-. ...-...
Where - is either more percussive than . or a semitone higher than . like do do do DO do do, do do do DO do do

It's RUBBISH. We have devolved from art with theory to literal jungle chants.

Biden's plan to end U.S. HUNGER by 2030 - and tackle obesity: Monthly benefits for Americans to buy food and promoting exercise and healthy eating

Me: Maybe Biden should resolve the baby food formula shortage which is still ongoing..


I love to track Atlantic tropical storms. And part of my routine is checking out various webcams in the affected regions of the storm. The outer bands of Ian arrived in Key West today. This guy wearing a snorkel, who is now on a bike was previously sitting on the break wall with a beer. 🤣

Webcam here:

A highly recommended, no bullshit, no HYPE hurricane expert for in depth forecasting and tracking:

🔸White House Adviser Adds Fuel to the Fire
Keisha Lance: "When you have a MAGA Republican agenda that has no respect for the Constitution — for free and fair elections, it is important... to call it out for what it is. A danger to our democracy. A danger to our way of life."

@Dave_A The (UN) Earth Charter, Principals, II ECOLOGICAL INTEGRITY, 5d. Control and eradicate non-native or genetically modified organisms...
I wonder how this applies to garden plants?

@sirreginaldvangleason> remembering how Barbarossa ended

Yes, when the SOVIET UNION was being invaded.

When you make war protesters conscripts, do you have the same fighting strength? Or just a bunch of cannon fodder?


So proud of our 6 YO son. He's came out as a pirate. We've known since he was 2 months old.

Children's hosp. agreed to pop out an eye for his patch, slice off a hand for his hook and saw off a leg for his pegleg.

His pronouns are P and irate.

We ARGHHHH so proud.


Save up all those karma goats folks. No Agenda Nation can go into business!

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