"Some injuries were caused by phones themselves, including people getting hit by a thrown phone. But Paskhover said many were caused by distracted use including texting while walking, tripping and landing face-down on the sidewalk."

Phone-in-cheek: Spike seen in cellphone-linked face injuries - AP


Save your YouTube Videos to Google Drive


Because they might disappear before you can download and re-host them elsewhere. This way use your free storage as a buffer to immediately slide them right into for offloading.

He was killed by cops 50 years ago tomorrow. The murderers were so proud that they came by my family's all night restaurant afterwards to tell my uncle. Fred was a threat because he believed in working with people who hated him for a cause greater than himself. Fuck #wokeism.

As someone was asking about buying a "dumb" TV before...

If You Bought a Smart TV on Black Friday, the FBI has a Warning for You


PSA for frontend devs:
Do not block pasting in password or other input fields!

Everyone that uses a password manager

So in one of the last shows - I forget if it was on a Thursday or a Thursday - there was a mention of the spelling of Karma, and how someone spelled it with a C.

I used to work with someone named Carma. She was all into yoga and very zen. Then she left for a better job.

So my Thing 1 has an assignment to write a paper on any topic, but first she needs to research it.

Her topic? How Google blocks most sites when using a school Chromebook! I guided her on searching for certain elements, like how "do no harm" was canned years ago, privacy, tracking, etc.

Needless to say I so a proud Dad!

"Meet Gary. He dislikes Donald Trump. But he also dislikes when people blatantly misrepresent Trump's words, actions, and policies in order to further their own agenda, or to experience the rush that only poorly informed righteous indignation can bring."


BBC is so helpful because the impeachment process... “This means it can be easy to lose track of the bigger picture.

So I saw the movie Knives Out - not bad, but of course I was watching it with my No Agenda lenses and noticed something...

When people were emailing each other, they were using Proton Mail. Could it have been product placement, or simply they chose something other than GMail? 🤔

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