I remember writing a paper in high school on term limits and how I saw that in the 80's most of the politicians had been in federal office since the 50s... Soooo many problems that could be solved with a 6 year 1 term president, 2 terms for senate, and 4 terms for house...

(Walt Disney World)

Trump’s wild ride puts Disney’s Hall of Presidents in a predicament

The Hall of Presidents has been a staple attraction since the park opened in 1971, featuring animatronic figures of every U.S. president. Now the Trump-fueled insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has renewed calls for Disney to banish the 45th president.

Should he stay or should he go?

Neither. It’s time for Disney to put this attraction out to pasture.


For those who want to "put Bernie" anywhere, there is a tool to help you.

For example, in front of the White House.

I found this guy Scott Halloran on LinkedIn of all places, he has a Substack and wrote this farewell to Trump

Scott Holleran: Twenty-One Trump


Garth Brooks has got hair plugs - must be that Restore thing that Brian Urlacher is pushing... eh @darrenoneill @wjmaggos ? 🤔

After tomorrow out of respect the office
I will refer to Biden as President Biden.
Example President Biden is a clown
President Biden is an idiot
President Biden is a puppet
After next week out of respect to the office.
I will refer to Kamala as President Harris.
Example President Harris is an idiot etc.

Saw this ad on LinkedIn ... Obey The Pickle?

Guessing that’s what she said? 😁

I think employees of Walmart, Kroger, et. al. are now realizing the bullshit of them being essential workers - their overlords just wanted to keep making money off the back of small businesses

Grocery store workers pushing to be part of next group vaccinated in Wisconsin


@sirphenom I was wondering who would put them up, you know someone will.

IP whois shows DDOS-GUARD CORP. in Belize.

DDOS-GUARD appears to be in Scotland and wherever this is; 344019, г. Ростов-на-Дону, ул. Максима Горького, д. 276, этаж 5, офис 11.

ITM. For those graciously offering value-for-value for NAS:

While I have not accepted donations in the past, I will begin accepting donations (via PayPal) once I have all of the paperwork and bookkeeping in order. I anticipate this will take a few weeks. Between now and then I will establish crypto addresses for BTC, ETH, XMR, and SC.

I'll link a donation page when one is available.

Thank you all for your patience this weekend. I am humbled by your support.

Saw this up on LinkedIn... would take the 3310 anyday, especially as you could throw it against the wall and it would remain intact! 💪🏼

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