Hey @Droopinheimer @mwklein and anyone for that matter... here's another Wisco and beyond resource - the Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership:


They host speakers, which are now Webinars, and they have one coming up with K.T. McFarland on 4/9:


They have an email list - old skool to get on it, email the address on their Web site and ask to be on it 🧀 🌭 🍺

So this happened ... if I had nothing better to do I would have engaged with them about Bo Jiden... but not these days 😨

One aspect of their reporting is so simple - this chart of all reported cases - why can't others do this?

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There's a conservative think-tank that has a media arm here in Wisco called the MacIver Institute, and they have this breakdown they update daily on the virus - a breakdown you never see from the M5M here:


If anyone's got some prayer in them, please help and say some for my uncle, Abel Dias, who could use some healing right now to bounce back from complications fighting a pneumonia from chemotherapy. He's in the hospital right now and fighting for his life. This has got to be the worst time to end up in the hospital but there he is. :/ Thank you fellow NA producers for your well wishes and prayers.

@noagendashowvideo @CSB I have been working with one of the No Agenda Artists to print his art using my C02 Laser to engrave 4mm cast Acrylic which includes a solid beach wood light base. If you a piece of art that you think would work well in this medium, let me know. I use the Value for Value model supporting the artist, the show, and my shop. Search at Etsy under LaserKraftersllc.

This just made my day.

My 15 year-old daughter has been watching movies with her friends during the quarantine and they talk on Discord during it.

Me: "What are you guys watching tonight?"

Her: "Well, imagine like Spaceballs, but for Lord of the Rings. It's called Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

😂 Dead

So for those in the US Midwest that know about Fleet Farm... I got this when I tried to access their Web site with my VPN on.

Though their HQ is literally down the street from me, I will pass - they are now owned by KKR (yes, that KKR) and are going real corporate from folksy, and my wife once interviewed with them and they never even responded to her for a while - screw them, like the stores though

Bacon from Jacob’s Meat Market in Appleton, Wisco - cured on-site... it’s what’s for breakfast!

Not planning to do some drunk tooting, but a little Anti Hero from Chicago’s Revolution Brewing is going to be my friend for the night!

Just got this text... kinda busy so if someone wants to respond to this poor phishing attempt - go for it! 😝

Well lookie here - you can live rent free in Wisco! 😱

Guessing other states already are doing this or are not far behind.

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