Here I go again... looking for a new iPhone podcast app.

Even though NPR bought them I still used PocketCasts but with the latest update ... holy crap, what a mess!

Tried Castro but to see the episode unique artwork I have to subscribe. No thanks but I’ll pay a one time fee but not per month.

Any suggestions?! πŸ€”

@Economic_Hitman I need to hire DYNAMICS devs from time to time... Just wondering if there are any Dudes Named Ben in our ranks who are proficient in SSAS/SSIS Data Warehouse Architects,. Need these too from time to time. @sirphenom

Was racking my brain when I heard about that Chinese animated news presenter and trying to remember the one previous.. Ananova!

Anyone remember "her"?

I'm likely getting laid off next month so I'm open to freelance opportunities. Full-stack web dev with over 15 years experience. Specialization in JavaScript and Front-End design.

Reminder / PSA. If your a mastodon admin and your thinking about shutting down please reach out. I will take over your instance (I would even be willing to purchase it from you).

#mastoadmin #mastodon

The tabloids confirm what we already know from No Agenda! πŸ‘πŸ»

I don’t think that enough has been said about my former gubnor, Willard M. Romney, has finally won his second election this past week.

From The International Podcast Day Web site, Podcasting Historical Timeline and Milestones:

2004 - Adam Curry and Dave Winer are credited with the invention of podcasting. Who exactly did what is up for dispute, but in the end these are the two guys who got it rolling.

cc @adam

β€œA Libertarian is someone who says you can be as liberal or as conservative as you want to be; just don’t force others to be like you.”
#Sharpe4Gov #aNewNY #Libertarian #SharpeHollister2018 #BreakTheStatusCuomo #NYGov #SaveMainStreet #GOTV

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