Chrome won't clear your Google and YouTube data — even if you tell it to.

If you set Google Chrome to purge all website cookies and site data when you close the browser, it nonetheless keeps the site data for two specific websites: YouTube and Google itself.

Or used by the Democrats to send me unsolicited emails in the last week in support of candidates running against McConnell in Kentucky and Graham in South Carolina... and I in Wisconsin.

Guessing this is right up there with the $50k Russia spent on Facebag ads 4 years ago? 🤔

@sirphenom We want to combine the freedom of totally anonymous and untrackable exchange with totally doxxed highly, tracked, managed and politicized exchange.

Alcohol and nudity 

Slightly #NSFW, but definitely reminded me that I can enjoy some #Kyrödistillery drinks after work!

#kyrö #sauna #veryfinnishproblems

‘50 People Who Care ... And More’ make a difference for local businesses -

My Wife applied this quarter. She was awarded but formal announcement is coming next week. This IS grassroots. $100 a quarter from 50 (or more) people can make all the difference to a small business in the form of a grant. I have stopped using Amazon and I buy local even when I pay slightly more. God bless.

Goodbye Merriam-Webster - UNSUBSCRIBE!

When the Gold standard of the dictionary, with its rich history not to mention the fact I grew up about 5 miles from their HQ in Springfield, MA, adjacent to the site of the first armory in the US established by Henry Knox, is a huge disappointment.

More proof Trump Derangement Syndrome kills... those who think they have it!

Had this chat with a good friend who is a college prof and waaaay lib about campus... my response in green!

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