There's still time to VOTE NOW in our latest unscientific poll at Will D's and R's work together now? Look for the black box in the right sidebar or scroll way down on the mobile site!

ITM y'all! Time to get your amygdala ready for another healing show tomorrow. TYFYC!

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

For those who want to ping me when there are issues (outside of NAS), my Twitter is:

There's still time to vote! Will Ds and Rs work together with Trump now? POLL: VOTE NOW: Go to home page and look for black box on right sidebar or scroll way down on mobile site. We want to hear from all views!

Automatic update to the latest version of mastodon failed (partially) which is what caused the issue. I've rolled back and will update manually and attempt a fix to prevent this from happening again.

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So far how many Girl Scout cookies my kid has sold...

I would be a bad Dad for not posting the link to buy them - especially for those who haven't had their daily fill of refined sugar and GMOs - but I know this crowd would do nothing to move away from !

Or you can buy a cookie "share" where they give a box to a charity... πŸ€”

Hello, Requesting assistance from NA Nation. My church has a connection with a hospital in Hubei province that is in urgent need of supplies like N95 face masks. We would like to procure the masks here and send them over but it is now very hard to find any. If anyone knows of a source where we can buy 300 boxes to start, I'd greatly appreciate a heads up. I've been trying various places (e.g., Grainger, 3M, a pharmacy, a distributor) and they are very hard to get a hold of now! Thank you!

The 1946 Super Bowl halftime show... now THAT was controversy young'un! Bing Crosby, Alexis Smith, Jerry Colonna, and Joan Crawford in a bear costume. Bing got caught on a hot mic for the east coast broadcast asking Joan if she ever hunted "bare". I thought his career was over!

Cool that the Fox Sports app on my Fire TV doesn’t require a login to watch the Super Bowl... they probably figure they cannot shut down every free stream out there.

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