25-30 miles between charges - 119 years ago. Volt gets like 38 before it kicks over to gas.


Listened to Relay.fm anniversary show. They played a "Family Feud" game. Survey question: "Name a failed social network."

Number one answer? Facebook.

Tech podcast listeners have woken up. Finally.

#FollowTheMoney isn't just a good warning to consider why someone is pushing a certain viewpoint, but it also applies to where they are directing your attention. The danger of groups like the @CIA is that the bias is hidden. It damages the ability of citizens to do democracy.

Koch brother dead
One of the world's richest people US billionaire David Koch dies at 79 rt.com/news/467142-david-koch-

The worst thing about going out in public is seeing a random TV screen showing the M5M... and in this case using the lower third to attack El Jefe 3 times.

Clearly to try to trigger those whom they haven’t triggered already 🤨

Hey... GPS told me to go this way!

Now new highway signs will be needed... Tourists cited for taking scooter ride on I-94


Well, it is official. Twitter after nearly 2 months notified me that my account has been suspended and will not be restored.

Also, I may not create a new account. They still refuse to provide any examples of anything I did.

I'm now convinced this was done because I flagged antifa accounts as violating the rules.

This would also suggest that Twitter or members of the Twitter team are using the suspension process to eliminate users they disagree with.

Another Gaffe: Joe Biden Mixes Up Iowa and Vermont at First Event After Lengthy Rest

His blundering will never end. Imagine him as your president speaking in public surrounded by other world leaders. He may accidently cause WW3 without even realizing it. Btw, how come the MSM do not talk about his creepy part anymore?


Over brekkie I introduced my daughter to the military industrial complex - it helped that I could tie in a local company, Oshkosh Truck, into it

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