Hey @darrenoneill in honor if the Battle of the Sox...!

Interestingly when I opened NoAgendaShow.com in the Dissenter browser the top logo wouldn’t load with shields up 🤔

Sorry to say guys but here’s evidence AOC is right in here comparison of ICE border detainment to Nazi concentration camps. AOC is a genius

In for the weekend with my brother and a few friends. Anyone recommendations NAS?

I would like to have a No Agenda meetup in the Chicagoland area during the weekend of July 19-21. Anybody else interested? Thoughts on a location? #NAChicago

:: #NoAgenda #BPITU #ITM #TYFYC

Someday you Potty-Mouths will thank me for this.

Here's the first four episodes of Petticoat Junction stitched into a movie:

1963 Brilliant.


I know Attkisson has recently redesigned her Web site, and in the past it was prone to "hacks" - I subscribe to her RSS feed, and there were always native ads popping up in the feed, then being deleted from the site.

Maybe the gig with Sinclair isn't as solid... oh, and she has a podcast too!

The SJW's are alive and well in my backyard here in Northeast Wisco!

Appleton graduation debate: Does religion have a place in commencement speeches?


Bout ready to pull my daughter out of this university. The first 15 mins of orientation is about diversity and “we don’t allow hate here” preaching by 22 yr olds. GTFOH. I almost said something but thought about my daughter dealing with repercussions. I walked out.

It is through caffeine and B12 that I am remotely cognizant today. All hail the legal stimulants

The No Agenda podcast is a real journey through the minds of the hosts. Often starting from wildly different topics, they cover everything from restaurants and counter-culture, all the way through to the burning political issues of our time. l.curry.com/f9k

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