Oh @sirphenom

@Kalvo turned me on tho this. I just got into it today, but it sure looks good, and it has a Notepad too.


So Thing 1 just lets me know that DuckDuckGo is blocked when using a Chromebook with her school account. I tell her that it’s so Google and the school system can better track her. She’s not happy.

But I give her a big hug because she tried DDG after seeing me using it and asking about it.

Looks like Tulsi Gabbard has made a tweak to her branding - before the logo just said Tulsi 2016, now this

Let me explain what is happening here. Twitter is going to prevent users from engaging with the tweets of world leaders. Tweets they choose at their sole discretion. This has tremendous ramifications. Twitter is getting into the business of playing the speech police with the speech of global leaders. They are also effectively silencing the people on both sides who want to discuss what these leaders are saying. This is a new Silicon Valley trend. It’s about one thing: centralized control over information. Gab, on the other hand, is offering an open source and decentralized solution. One where individual users, groups of people, and even world leaders can own and control their own data and voice.


Andrew Torba,

Official White House Petition calling for President Trump and his Team Trump Campaign Team to join GAB Social Media.

I created a White House Petition that needs 100,000 signatures. It needs at least 50 signatures for it to be visible on the White House site. I ask that you share this petition to users and and encourage people to sign and share it to gain at least 100,000 signatures. Thank you for your cooperation.

Join Gab Social Media President Trump and Trump Team Campaign
Help the petition reach its goal, share with others:

URL: petitions.whitehouse.gov/petit

Hey @OhVinnie thanks for stopping by the blog and for your comment - realizing the email notifications aren't working, so wanted you to know I replied!

And everyone can check out the latest of my musings... are you OTG when you have your phone but forget to use it? 🤔


‪Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Ethiopian Prime Minister, not the president of Eritrea, JCD.

PODCAST: Just what (some of) you wanted! Impeachment story analysis with me and @JamesRosenTV
Listen to @FullMeasureAH Podcast on iTunes or your favorite distributor or just click this link and play the audio now! sharylattkisson.com/2019/10/im
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I can't think of many stories I've covered that have been more upsetting or more important from the standpoint of how we are caring for our brave soldiers who return from war. I hope you'll take a few minutes to watch the replay if you missed the program: fullmeasure.news/news/cover-st

Here is another nothingburger from CNN. Long rambling article about the Costco $4.99 rotisserie chicken.

It is being speculated it is a loss leader, and Costco is pushing its ethics. News: Costco has always been pushing ethical boundaries when buying stuff from China, but by paying slightly better than Wal-Mart and Sam's Club, they have been seen as the good guys.

For the record, consumers can customarily get chicken for $1/#, so $5 for a rotisserie is not that cheap.


I hate people who write their whole fucking email in the subject line 😡

Hey @ChrisWilson @IllumiNadia @OhVinnie Here's the video I mentioned about my encounter with the Commander in Chief ... 30 years ago! The guy with the mane of hair, blue shirt with the loose tie is yours truly!

I shook his hand that day... don't remember it being small!


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