Interesting observation: my daughter goes to Ohio State University and said a ton of people there are sick, maybe like a bad cold. So many that the local CVS is empty of typical cold/flu over the counter medicine.

Odd time of the year for this to be going around.

Oh yeah, everyone must be jabbed to go to school there. And masked indoors.

I’m sure there’s no connection

Got this text - debated if/how to respond, so I decided to propagate the formula! 🙏🏻👊🏻

Pfizer vaccine kills
more people than it saves

Steve Kirsch
Executive Director
COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund

[email protected]
VRBPAC Meeting

Shit - 3 tenths of one percent got a positive PCR test and all kiddos need to muzzle up?

More kiddos have cooties!

Follow along the fun here:

Wondering who built this tool for them? 🤔

Try going unmasked and see what happens... you know, like the Catholic schools are doing.

Ordered shit from Amazon. Was asked before checkout if I'd like to have everything delivered on Wednesday, or if I still wanted one of the items on Tuesday, which would have been 2 days. I want that shit in two days, that's what I pay for.

Delivery was just changed to Wednesday. I'm so tired of this.

Appleton, WI Alderperson Sheri Hartzheim is holding a press conference at the School District office. She states in her press release that the purpose is to “expose misconduct and illegal actions perpetrated by the district.”

She is concerned that “children are being verbally abused and publicly embarrassed by AASD staff for violating arbitrary and inconsistent rules of proper mask wearing, or the wearing of masks deemed unacceptable by certain school staff”

Watching my kiddos middle school volleyball game … her school system requires muzzles so she has hers below her nose, just like her Dad.

I am sooo proud of her! 🤗

Hey @danksteady - just got an alert from the Post-Crap that they canceled Octoberfest again... 😡

Couldn’t have asked for better results the beef gods smiled upon my efforts!!

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[Quote RT Wojciech Pawelczyk @woj_pawelczyk]

In August 2001, actor @realjameswoods was on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles when he observed some Middle Eastern passengers acting strangely.

The FBI has corroborated that it may have been a dry run for the 9/11 hijackers.

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