Hey NA Producers in Wisconsin... the Herd is selling directly to us!

Want to stay in control over your private data? We want to help you by providing an alternative to letting random strangers host your data! #selfhosting #privacy #security

Hello Fediverse! πŸ‘‹ this is a bot you can subscribe to if you want to get notification about new #Nextcloud server, apps and client releases.

Anyone have recommendations for a home surveillance system that's not a privacy or security nightmare?

Coming up next on the No Agenda Stream are two rising podcasts from the producers of No Agenda:

Randumb Thoughts, with Darren O'Neill -- randumbthoughts.com

Hog Story, with Carolyn Blaney and Sir John Fletcher -- soundcloud.com/hogstory


As a Teleprompter expert, I can say this is a revolutionary idea with perfect execution l.curry.com/f76

I recently started listening to this podcast for cannabis growers called The Dude Grows Show. A few times I’ve caught subtle hits that they were into NA. When I went to donate I saw that they gave props to the show for pioneering the value for value model.

Just got another "casual" sales call. I answer, the person is like, "hey Mike, how are you?" I say, "who is this?" and he mumbles something? I say, "come again?" and he starts into his pitch.

I know people who work in sales and say cold calling works, but not for me. I got a ton of LinkedIn requests from people at Oracle, turns out they are trying all angles to get into my organization.

Yea no.

Two CSS properties walk into a bar.

A barstool in a completely different bar falls over.

"More and more people see the issue with large, centralized data silos that control more and more of our private lives, democratic processes and society as a whole."

#Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek talks about 2018 and looks forward to 2019!

"In a good college, we'll, at least when I was a kid…the kids are pretty smart. They question authority, or they used to. I don't think they do much anymore." β€” @Johncdvorak 1098

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