One 5 hour daytime protest in DC seems to have riled up more people than 100 days straight in Portland. This is an interesting learning moment for future accelerationists. 😃

every press conference about the Nashville bombing is 40% listing the organizations and people working on the issue and 40% thanking each other. Then there's about 20% content. At least that's my observation

yo audio experts - i have a voice recording that has really low levels - what effect in audacity should I use to bump it up to a standard level ? Is it normalize or amplify? It's a stereo voice recorder file in wav

@adam parroting Biden sounds like Chirs Kattan's / Saturday Night Live - Suel Forrester :-)

FBI, Texas Rangers and US Marshals Raid Solarwinds HQ in Austin

The Lightning Lab: “Lightning chat app Sphinx.Chat announced an exciting partnership with Adam Curry”

the show is probably having troubles because all macs are upgrading to BigSur and downloading 12GB 🙂

The French not-for-profit org Framasoft (, developers of PeerTube (, a federated (distributed and peer-to-peer) YouTube alternative, initiated today Mobilizon V1 (, a federated Facebook groups, pages and events alternative.

just heard about a youtube-dl alternative on the linux-unplugged show; it's a go-lang project with less features but it seems pretty good:

chrislas (from jupiter broadcasting) just used the NoAgenda '33 is a magic number' evergreen clip in the Linux Unplugged live stream while discussing Fedora 33

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